Seasonal Shades – Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Time of the Year

The beauty of love knows no season. It blossoms in the depths of winter, sparkles in the golden embrace of fall, rejuvenates with the freshness of spring, and shines brightly under the summer sun. Yet, each season brings its unique charm, its special hues, and its inherent emotions. The art of wedding makeup seeks to capture these nuances, to ensure the bride feels in harmony with the spirit of the season on her big day.

Having attended countless weddings as a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the changing seasons have influenced wedding makeup choices. Below, I share some seasonal inspirations to help you decide on the perfect makeup palette.

Winter: Ethereal Elegance Imagine a snow-clad landscape, a bride in a pristine white gown, and the soft glow of winter sunshine. Winter weddings evoke a feeling of mystical elegance. Opt for:

  • Foundation: Use a hydrating foundation to combat dry winter skin.
  • Eyes: Smokey eyes with shades of gray and silver. A hint of shimmer will mirror the sparkle of fresh snow.
  • Lips: Deep berry shades or a rich plum can give a luxurious touch.

Spring: Fresh and Floral Spring is synonymous with new beginnings. As nature bursts into colorful bloom, your makeup can reflect this freshness and vivacity.

  • Foundation: A dewy finish foundation, giving your skin a fresh and glowing look.
  • Eyes: Soft pastels like pinks, peaches, and lilacs, with a touch of mascara to open up the eyes.
  • Lips: Glossy lips in coral or pink will complement the vibrant mood of spring.

Summer: Sun-Kissed Radiance Underneath the warm embrace of the summer sun, love stories unfold. Summer wedding makeup should embody the lively and radiant spirit of this season.

  • Foundation: A matte finish to combat any shine, with SPF to protect against the sun.
  • Eyes: Earthy browns and golds with a swipe of waterproof mascara.
  • Lips: Nude shades with a touch of bronze can encapsulate that sun-kissed look.

Fall: Golden Glamour There’s something inherently romantic about fall. The golden leaves, the mellow sun, and the cool breeze set the stage for heartfelt vows.

  • Foundation: A semi-matte finish to reflect the balance of the season.
  • Eyes: Shades of burnt orange, deep browns, and gold to echo the colors of the falling leaves.
  • Lips: Matte lips in shades of rust or deep red will resonate with the rich tones of autumn.

From my experience as a Los Angeles wedding photographer, the right makeup not only enhances the beauty of the bride but also beautifully complements the season’s mood and colors. The backdrop of your photographs – whether it’s the snowflakes of winter or the blossoms of spring – should be in symphony with your makeup.

Conclusion: Embracing the spirit of each season in your wedding makeup can make your special day even more memorable. Remember, it’s not just about looking stunning; it’s about feeling one with the season of your union. And as you walk down the aisle, with every click of the Los Angeles wedding photographer’s camera, your seasonal shades will tell a story of timeless beauty.

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