Top 12 Shopping Malls in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is a contemporary city boasting numerous amenities akin to a capital. With a rich historical background, it was named after King Faisal. The city is adorned with exquisite shopping centers that rival those in Karachi and Islamabad, offering a diverse range of items at affordable prices within a delightful environment. These malls cater to all needs, ensuring that residents of Faisalabad have no reason to seek shopping alternatives. Some notable Faisalabad shopping malls that have garnered acclaim for providing top-notch products at competitive prices include:


Situated on Canal Road in Faisalabad, The Grand Atrium, developed by Al Bashir Group, stands as an international-standard shopping mall. Not only renowned for its top-quality products, but the mall is also a testament to the city’s architectural prowess. Distinguished by its grand architecture, vibrant decor, and exquisite shops, this mall has set new benchmarks for indoor shopping centers. It offers a wholesome environment where visitors can indulge in entertainment and delightful cuisine. The mall boasts Cinema Halls, Children’s play areas, and various other enticing attractions.

For more information, you can contact them at 041 8732463 or reach out via email at [email protected]. Visit their website at


Located on Chak 208 Road in Faisalabad, the Mall of Faisalabad, established in 2000, stands as one of the city’s largest shopping destinations. Operating from 10:00 am to 11:59 pm, this mall is dedicated to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Renowned for its excellent services, it attracts numerous visitors. The mall features a Kid’s play area, Secure Parking, a Food Avenue, Branded Shops, and ensures a safe environment through CCTV Cameras.

For more information, contact them at 041 (8559812-4 or visit their website The address is Main 208 Chak Road East Canal Road, Faisalabad.


Sitara Mall, located at 434-D McDonald’s Road D-Ground in Faisalabad, is a property owned by developers, ensuring a higher level of security and safety compared to other malls. The mall is equipped with robust fire-fighting equipment, advanced smoke detectors operated by professionally trained personnel, and 24/7 monitoring through a control center connected to CCTV cameras throughout the building. Sitara Mall stands out with comfort facilities such as air conditioners, elevators, and cargo lifts, all imported from overseas. Conveniently situated in central Faisalabad near the commercial center, the mall was formerly known as ‘Sitara Mall’ but was later renamed ‘Saira Mall.’

For more details, contact them at (041) 8545496.

Chase Up Faisalabad

Faisalabad, often referred to as the Manchester of Pakistan, has become a favored location for Pakistani retailers, and the notable presence of Chase Up in the city has contributed significantly to its popularity. This segment aims to shed light on the history and achievements of Chase Up in Faisalabad. Chase Up has made a mark in the Hypermarkets category within the Retail sector.

History of Chase Up

Established in 1984, Chase Up, a family-owned business, initially gained recognition by offering high-quality garments at affordable prices. With a vision to introduce modern departmental stores, the founders set out to establish a retail presence in Karachi. Chase Up stands out as a company committed to providing an extensive range of products from top brands, catering to everyday needs, all conveniently available under one roof. With its roots in Karachi, Chase Up has expanded to nine branches across Pakistan, including locations in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala, with plans for further expansion. The diverse product offerings include footwear, clothing, groceries, ladies’ fabrics, housewares, and beauty products, all geared towards providing affordable and accessible services to customers.

Chase Up Faisalabad Starting

Following the success of Chase Up in Faisalabad, the business owner decided to open the city’s largest store in October 2017. Chase Up Faisalabad is a comprehensive shopping destination offering incredible prices, all conveniently situated under one roof. As the city’s largest shopping mall, it spans four floors, each dedicated to different categories. The ground floor features fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables.

On the first floor, a wide array of cosmetics is showcased, along with a diverse collection of garments, crockery, and artificial jewelry. The Ladies’ Dress Collection is particularly popular, and the baby category offers various items available at wholesale prices.


  • Address: Rehman Heights, Shop no#5, Satayana Rd, Faisalabad, 38000
  • Contact: [Not Provided]


Misaq ul Mall in Nishat Abad, Faisalabad, is situated on Sheikhupura Road, offering more than just shopping. The mall boasts a playground, a bowling lane, and a fitness center, providing a holistic experience for visitors. Indoor shopping is made enjoyable with a diverse range of products catering to all age groups. Recognized for its culinary offerings, Misaq ul Mall is a hub for food enthusiasts, offering multiple experiences all under one roof. The mall features a pleasant environment, electric escalators in the lobbies, and ample parking space. With its five floors, each presenting unique attractions, Misa


Located on East Canal Road in Faisalabad, the Boulevard Mall boasts a diverse selection of both international and local brands. Featuring top-notch restaurants and entertainment venues, this mall is designed for optimal enjoyment. Offering a comprehensive range of entertainment options, it provides everything you need for a delightful shopping experience. With its impressive architecture and air-conditioned floors, Boulevard Mall is sure to captivate everyone’s attention. Highly recommended as a premier shopping destination.

For more information, contact: 923000442290 Visit our website:


Situated on Kohinoor Road in Faisalabad, Al-Fateh Mall stands as a reputable shopping center that has been in operation since 1941, with a presence in various cities across Pakistan. Offering a diverse range of products, from groceries to crockery and jewelry, Al-Fateh has earned trust through its commitment to quality. With established branches in multiple cities and plans for further expansion, the mall started as a single-story establishment in Faisalabad and has evolved over time, enhancing both its structure and product offerings. Recognized for its quality merchandise, Al-Fateh Mall has received commendation and now includes food options as well.

For more information, contact: +923111555222
Visit our website:
Email us at: [email protected]


KohinoorOne, a distinguished shopping mall celebrated for its entertainment options and innovative design, stands out as an impressive destination. Situated on Jaranwala Road in Faisalabad, it serves as a one-stop-shop for all daily essentials. Notably, the prices at KohinoorOne are competitively lower than those in other malls, making it a cost-effective choice. This family-friendly shopping mall ensures a safe environment and provides ample parking space. Discover a comprehensive range of products, from everyday necessities to food items.

For more information, visit us at Kohinoor Plaza, Jaranwala Road, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad. Contact us at (041) 851 1919.


China Family Mall stands out as a completely family-oriented shopping destination, offering a unique experience in Faisalabad with three branches situated in proximity. One of its locations is found on Millat Road in Sadar Town. This mall is well-equipped with all essentials, providing firsthand knowledge to those who have visited. Experience a variety of products at affordable prices.

For more details, visit our Faisalabad location at Millat Road, Gulistan Colony 2, Gulistan Colony. Contact us at (041)-8784398.


Galaxy Mall is an impressive shopping destination that stands out with its exceptional range of products. Establishing itself as a top-rated mall in Faisalabad, it has become a go-to place for those seeking household items. The mall is particularly known for its collection of branded clothing. Situated on D-Ground Road, Galaxy Mall offers a delightful shopping experience.

For further inquiries, please contact: (041) 85433327 Visit us at D-Ground Road, Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Ro


RCG Shopping Mall in Faisalabad is the ultimate destination for locals seeking a diverse range of clothing, fabric, and related goods. Vendors prioritize authenticity and high quality, offering multiple brands under one roof at affordable prices. In addition to clothing, RCG Shopping Mall also features a selection of footwear, perfumes, and other appealing goods. Experience a shopping haven where quality products are available in a relaxed environment.

For more information, contact: 0311 1111021 Visit us at Jaranwala Road, Kohinoor City Punjab, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000.


The well-known Regent Shopping Mall, recognized by its distinctive blue windows, has been a familiar establishment for locals since its opening in 2011. This versatile mall offers options to either rent space for your business or utilize it as a shopping center. As a multi-purpose building, it serves the community by providing entertainment, a local shopping hub, and a business-friendly environment.

Spanning across 9 stories, the mall encompasses both lower and upper floors, setting it apart from other shopping centers. Brand outlets are situated on the basement and upper ground floors, while the first and second floors house offices for digital marketing, travel agencies, and various other businesses. Exclusively dedicated to The Grand Regent Hotel, the third, fourth, and fifth floors offer luxury facilities, ensuring a relaxing and comfortable stay.

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