Top 6 Shopping Malls in Multan

Multan, a prominent city in Pakistan, is renowned for its vibrant culture, Sufi shrines, historical landmarks, delectable cuisine, traditional Ajrak, and impressive shopping malls. If you happen to be a shopaholic hailing from Multan, you’ve come to the perfect blog.

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This blog contains a list of Multan’s best shopping malls.

1. Mall of Multan

The Mall of Multan takes the lead as the first entry on our list, marking a pioneering contribution to modern shopping in the region. Covering an expansive area of over 210,000 square feet, it transcends its role as a shopping destination by offering a diverse array of entertainment and recreational activities.

This multifaceted establishment includes Retail Shops, the Gold Standard CineStar, Playland, Food Courts, Top Restaurants, and Supermarkets. Spanning eight Kanals and twelve marlas, the Mall of Multan features a built-up area of around 220,000 sq.ft.

Its roster of world-renowned brands includes Minnie Minors, Leisure Club, Ethnic, Al-Karam Outfitters, Sana Safinaz, Sapphire, Nike, and Khadi.

Key amenities and services provided by the mall encompass central air-conditioning, robust indoor and outdoor security with armed personnel, a comprehensive CCTV system, and a smoke alarm system.

The facility also ensures a 24-hour power reserve. For inquiries, the Mall of Multan can be contacted at (061) 6522480, and its address is Bosan Rd, Shalimar Colony, Multan, Punjab.

2. United Mall Gulgasht Multan

Following on our shopping journey is the United Mall Gulgasht Multan. This medium-sized mall is home to several renowned brands, including Khaadi (Nishat Linen) and Gul Ahmad.

With a dedicated food court featuring all the popular apparel brands, Multan stands out as the prime destination for purchasing apparel, shoes, and accessories, and the United Mall Gulgasht Multan is the ideal place for such endeavors.

United Mall Gulgasht Multan is conveniently located at Peer Khurshid Colony Chah Usman Wala, Multan, Punjab.

Multan also boasts a selection of high-quality hotels known for their excellent services.

For more information: Contact: Not Available Address: Peer Khurshid Colony Chah Usman Wala, Multan, Punjab

3. The United Mall

The United Mall has been meticulously designed to serve as a living space that aligns with international standards, providing a safe and tranquil environment for people of all ages to enjoy quality time together.

Positioned as a central hub, United Mall brings together major retailers, food chains, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and dedicated areas for children’s adventures.

Noteworthy features of the mall include:

  • Direct bulk supply from the grid station.
  • Varied prayer areas on different floors.
  • Comprehensive fire safety measures, including fire detection alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses on each floor, all equipped with pressure pumps.
  • Smoking areas available for different customer preferences.
  • A 24-hour security system with CCTV surveillance to monitor the premises.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet Service on the Upper Ground and in the Food Court Area.
  • Ample parking space on the premises, accommodating up to 400 cars simultaneously.

For further inquiries: Contact: (061) 4500100 Address: 74 Abdali Rd, Bukhari Colony, Multan, Punjab 60000

4. The Grand

The Grand stands out as Multan’s most vibrant, easily accessible, convenient, and popular shopping and entertainment destination. More than just a shopping center, The Grand seamlessly integrates entertainment into its offerings.

This grand shopping mall features 3D Cinemas, Food Courts, premium Fashion Stores, global brands, luxury boutiques, coffee shops, and a diverse array of designer and lifestyle goods—all conveniently housed under one roof. It presents a distinctive business location for any modern urban outlet.

The Grand Mall spans 17 canals, with 4.5 canals dedicated to shopping space and over 300 parking spaces.

Regarded as one of the best-known shopping malls in Multan, The Grand is a haven for those who appreciate indulging in top brands from around the world.

For inquiries: Contact: (061) 111 111 770 Address: Noor Blvd, Buch Villas, Multan, Punjab

5. Chase Up Multan

Chase Up Multan witnessed tremendous success, prompting the business owner to establish another branch. The new branch, inaugurated in Multan in October 2014, has become the city’s largest store. Chase Up Multan is renowned for its exceptional prices, offering a diverse range of products under one roof, making it the city’s premier shopping center. Spanning four floors, each floor is dedicated to different categories.

On the ground floor, shoppers can find fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. The first floor features an extensive collection of cosmetics and a wide array of garments, including crockery displays and artificial jewels. The Ladies’ Dress Collection is particularly popular. Additionally, the baby category offers a variety of newborn items, all available for wholesale purchase.

For more information: Contact: Not Available Address: Bosan Road, Education Avenue, North Gulgasht Colony, Multan, Punjab

6. Centro Plaza Shopping Mall

Centro Plaza, situated at Centro Plaza Musa Wala Multan, transcends the typical mall experience by featuring a playland and a bowling alley.

This establishment offers more than just shopping; it provides a delightful indoor shopping experience for all age groups. Known as a trendsetter in the culinary scene, Centro Plaza is recognized for its diverse food offerings.

Misaq ul Mall, as it is also known, creates a pleasant environment with electric escalators in the lobbies and ample parking space. Each floor is distinct, offering multiple experiences under one roof.

For further inquiries: Contact: 0333 6228175 Address: Centro Plaza, Musa Wala, Multan, Punjab 60000

If this isn’t the type of mall you were seeking, feel free to let us know in the comments section, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

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