Support Your Immune System With Yoga 

The world has opened up to the idea of immunity enhancement with yoga. However, this is not a sudden occurrence or any trend. Yoga from the very beginning, was known to affect immune systems positively. However, most of us were busy taking other concoctions instead. Everybody knows, that yoga can de-stress you and also reduce your anxiety. Moreover, it has earned accolades as a fitness and flexibility booster. From the day you start practicing yoga, you can slowly sense the changes that take place inside your body. You might notice, that the weather turbulence has stopped affecting you. Additionally, your dust allergies may have said bye already by then. That is the instance, when you realize, that yoga can do good things to your immune system and defence mechanism. If you want to learn authentic yoga, you must enrol in yoga teacher training in Kerala

There are quite a few schools teaching yoga across the globe. But, none are as effective, as the ones in India. Kerala is still untouched by mass yoga practice. It is one of the most fascinating destinations in India, which has a longstanding Yogic and Ayurveda-oriented culture. Moreover, it is one of those places in India, which boasts a rugged, and diverse topography. You will be able to witness the beauty of hills, forests, backwaters, as well as beaches in Kerala. World Peace Yoga School is among the best schools, which trains yoga enthusiasts and mid-level professionals. 

How This Yoga Teacher Training In Kerala Will Help You?

You must be wondering, how immunity and teacher training are related. Can’t we practice yoga as it is, and improve it? Well! What you see around you, are just a few physical forms. Yoga hides much more, than what you actually see. Moreover, you need to understand the body as a whole, before you even attempt the asanas and poses. The teacher training course in yoga also includes yoga anatomy lessons, which help you to understand, how the human body reacts to movements and yogic practices. 

That makes it all the more necessary to do the yoga teacher training in Kerala, so that you can get all your answers related to immunity boosting. For the unversed, the human immune system plays a huge role in maintaining wellbeing. It has the power to fight off bacteria, viruses, and also helps in recovery. You can build a strong immunity by adopting healthy lifestyle practices. Yoga offers you a complete package in the form of asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation, to strengthen the mind and the body. If your mind has clarity, it will act in a way, which is conducive to good health. 

Yoga helps in improving your immunity, by reducing stress. Stress happens to be the leading cause of most illnesses, like heart diseases, lung diseases, and brain diseases. If these systems malfunction, you will not be able to fight off diseases. Breathing is one of the basic body processes that energizes each cell in completion. However, faulty breathing can create obstacles in the intake of fresh air. So, that makes breathing as important. Yoga incorporates several breathing exercises or Pranayama, to help you improve the flow of Prana. Blood circulation also improves, as you practice asanas, and all the organs are nourished. You will learn about all this in great detail, in the yoga teacher training in Kerala. 

Yogic Practices For Enhanced Immunity 

You should know about a few yogic practices, to enhance your immunity. 

  • Trikonasana – It is one of the beginner level asanas, which you will learn at World Peace Yoga School. It strengthens many body parts, all at once. It positively affects the chest, shoulders, and the legs. Moreover, you will feel relaxed at the end of the practice. The blood circulation within the body, your balance, and concentration improve manifold, as a result of Trikonasana practice. However, you should ensure to do it daily, after completing your course. 
  • Bhujangasana – This is another immunity-boosting asana, which you can practice as a part of your daily routine. You are also supposed to perform this asana, as a part of Surya Namaskar. The spine is the central and most important part of the human body. It is through this asana, that you can strengthen it to the core. It has life-supporting functions, as well. Regular practice can also open up the chest and also increase your energy levels. 
  • Sukhasana – You can practice the most basic yoga asana, even if you are not a professional yoga practitioner. It is called Sukhasana, or the comfortable cross-legged posture. Include a deep inhalation and exhalation practice, to go with it, and feel the stress and tension, leaving your body. If you suffer from nervousness, you are surely going to get rid of that as well. This will also affect your immunity levels. 

Yoga Is More Than Just Asanas 

So, by now, you must have understood that yoga is much more than a few physical postures. You can also include hand mudras or gestures to get more benefits. Prana mudra is one of the most general mudras, which has the power to enhance the quality of life. It can keep you in great condition, no matter what the circumstances. You will also be able to fight off diseases. 

Join the yoga teacher training in Kerala, to get more knowledge on authentic yogic practices. Support your immune system, with the same and thrive. 

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