Top 7 Best Bubble Milk Tea Franchise in USA

Are you an avid fan of the delightful and irresistible bubble milk tea? Do you dream of owning your bubble milk tea franchise, delighting customers with delicious drinks, and being a part of the ever-growing bubble tea trend in the USA? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we have curated a list of the top 7 best bubble milk tea business franchises in the USA. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting in the world of business ownership, these franchises offer not only fantastic products but also proven success models that will set you up for sweet success. So grab your tapioca pearls and get ready to dive into this mouthwatering journey towards your dreams.

History of Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble milk tea, also known as boba tea or pearl milk tea, has a fascinating history dating back to Taiwan in the 1980s when a teahouse owner named Lin Hsiu Hui added tapioca pearls to traditional milk tea, sparking a beverage revolution. Inspired by Taiwan’s street food culture, the chewy tapioca pearls brought a unique twist to the creamy drink, quickly making bubble milk tea a sensation in Taiwan and later across Asia. In the early 2000s, it gained popularity worldwide, especially in North America. 

Today, bubble milk tea shops can be found everywhere, offering a wide range of flavors and toppings, from classic to fruity and jelly cubes to popping boba.

Bubble milk tea’s adaptability and combination of flavors and textures have made it a global phenomenon, loved by people of all ages, thanks to the creativity of Lin Hsiu Hui and Taiwan’s vibrant street food scene.

Benefits of a Bubble Milk Tea Franchise

Investing in a bubble milk tea franchise offers several advantages.

  1. It provides instant brand recognition and credibility, saving entrepreneurs the effort of building a brand from scratch. Franchisees benefit from established customer bases.
  1. Operating within a franchise means access to proven business systems and continuous support and training from the franchisor. This ensures that franchise owners have the necessary tools and knowledge for success.
  1. Bubble milk tea franchises often enjoy enhanced purchasing power due to collective procurement, leading to lower ingredient and equipment costs and increased profit margins.
  1. Marketing efforts are shared among franchisees, resulting in broader exposure at lower costs compared to independent businesses.
  1. Franchise ownership allows flexibility in choosing business locations, thanks to the presence of franchises in various cities.

Owning a bubble milk tea franchise offers benefits like brand recognition, proven systems, support, cost savings, collaborative marketing, and location flexibility. Entrepreneurs can leverage these advantages for long-term success in this thriving industry.

7 Best Bubble Milk Tea Franchises in the USA

Franchise #1: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, originally from Taiwan, has rapidly expanded across the United States and become a prominent player in the bubble milk tea industry. Their standout feature is their commitment to freshness, sourcing premium tea leaves and blending them with fresh fruits for a delightful range of flavors. Whether you prefer classic milk tea or adventurous fruit-infused options, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice offers a diverse menu.

What sets them apart is their focus on customization, allowing customers to adjust sugar levels and ice content to suit their preferences. They also prioritize excellent customer service, creating a welcoming atmosphere with complimentary Wi-Fi. For those interested in a bubble tea franchise, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice offers comprehensive training and ongoing support, covering store layout design, marketing, and procurement management. With its quality ingredients, customizable options, great service, and franchisee support, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is an attractive choice in the thriving bubble tea market.

Franchise #2: Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea, a Taiwan-origin bubble milk tea franchise expanding globally with over 200 locations, stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. They use premium ingredients like fresh tea leaves and real fruit to create authentic and flavorful beverages. What sets them apart is their customizable menu, allowing customers to choose tea types and toppings to suit their preferences. 

They also offer creative specialty drinks like matcha lattes and taro slushies. Kung Fu Tea prioritizes excellent customer service, with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to assist. Whether you’re new to bubble milk tea or a seasoned fan, Kung Fu Tea’s diverse menu, top-notch ingredients, innovative flavors, and exceptional service have made it a popular choice in the competitive U.S. market.

Franchise #3: Boba Tea USA

Boba Tea has become incredibly popular in the United States, with numerous franchises popping up nationwide. Among them, Boba Tea USA stands out for its diverse range of bubble tea flavors and customization options, ensuring satisfaction for all tastes. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to using high-quality ingredients, sourced from reputable suppliers, resulting in exceptional taste experiences. 

The franchise also places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Whether you’re new to bubble tea or a long-time fan, Boba Tea USA offers an enjoyable experience with its wide flavor selection, ingredient quality, and exceptional service. Don’t hesitate – visit your nearest Boba Tea USA location today and discover the world of bubble tea!

Franchise #4: Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon, the renowned bubble milk tea franchise from Taiwan, has gained global popularity due to its distinctive flavors and creative presentation. Their success is attributed to a diverse beverage menu, including classic and fruit teas, with customizable options for sweetness levels and toppings. Happy Lemon’s innovation shines through its Rock Salted Cheese series, blending creamy cheese foam with tea flavors for a unique sweet, and savory experience.

Exceptional customer service is another hallmark of Happy Lemon, with friendly and attentive staff creating a welcoming atmosphere. With a wide range of bubble milk teas catering to various tastes, Happy Lemon is the go-to destination for both traditional and unique tea cravings. When in need of a refreshing beverage, consider trying Happy Lemon for a delightful experience!

Franchise #5: Gong Cha

Gong Cha, the renowned bubble milk tea franchise, has made a significant impact in the United States with its unique flavors, customization options, top-tier ingredients, and exceptional customer service. Originating in Taiwan, Gong Cha stands out for its extensive tea selection, including classic and specialty options, and the ability for customers to personalize their drinks with various toppings. Quality control is paramount, ensuring consistently excellent beverages. 

Gong Cha also stays current with trends, regularly introducing new flavors and collaborations. This commitment to excellence has solidified Gong Cha’s position as a top bubble milk tea franchise in the USA, appealing to both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the bubble tea culture. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of their fantastic beverages at a nearby location!

Franchise #6: Sharetea

Sharetea stands out as a prominent choice among bubble milk tea franchises in the USA. Their extensive flavor range and commitment to high-quality ingredients have earned them a dedicated nationwide following. What sets Sharetea apart is their meticulous attention to ingredient quality, ensuring a superior drink experience, including their unique “QQ” series known for its distinctive texture. 

Sharetea complements their beverages with a variety of snacks and desserts. they provide strong franchise support, including comprehensive training and ongoing marketing assistance. Sharetea is a top pick for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the competitive bubble milk tea franchise market in the USA, offering a thriving business opportunity backed by quality, innovation, and support.

Franchise #7: Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar has made a significant impact in the bubble milk tea industry with its unique and visually captivating beverages. Known for its signature “tiger stripes” created by layering brown sugar syrup over a creamy milk base, Tiger Sugar delivers not only on aesthetics but also on flavor, using top-quality ingredients like fresh milk and premium black tea leaves. Their commitment to authenticity, traditional brewing methods, and natural ingredients sets them apart from other franchises. 

Strong branding and marketing, along with an iconic design, have propelled Tiger Sugar to global popularity. With over 100 locations worldwide, including several in the USA, Tiger Sugar continues to expand its reach, making it an appealing franchise choice for those seeking a blend of eye-catching aesthetics and delectable flavors.


In summary, the bubble milk tea franchise industry in the United States is flourishing and offers a unique Taiwanese-originated beverage experience that has become ingrained in American culture. This presents a promising business opportunity due to its increasing demand and loyal customer base. Well-known brands such as Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, Kung Fu Tea, Boba Tea USA, Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, Sharetea, and Tiger Sugar offer entrepreneurs established business models and support from experienced franchisors.

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