What is the factorial of hundred

“The weekly puzzle session under my supervision at the University of Adelaide is named One Hundred Factorial. It occurred to me one late evening that I had never shared the story behind why it bears the name One Hundred Factorial, and thus, I am now sharing the tale.”

Definition of the word “factorial.”

“The term ‘sequence’ is considered equal to any number or zero. The factorial value represents the product of one or more numbers. However, if there are negative numbers, the factorial is not defined. Factorial is conceptualized as the multiplication of a series of decreasing natural numbers, like 3, 2, 1.”

The formula for factorials

“If ‘n’ is a number greater than or equal to 1, then:


The initial question is, what does factorial mean? Factorial is the result of multiplying all positive integers from the specified number (in this case, 100) down to 1.

It is customary to denote factorials with an exclamation point after the number, as in:


Let’s consider 100 and compute its factorial by multiplying each number from 100 downward:


In this scenario, the factorial involves a multiplication of numerous integers, and for larger numbers, this process can quickly become unwieldy.”

The title of the event

“Over the years, our puzzle sessions have undergone various name changes. We initially began as ‘with the issues’ before transitioning to the ‘puzzle club.’ Another identity we adopted is the ‘HMM … session,’ a nod to our perpetual contemplation of puzzles. You can find an ode to The Hmm Sessions within this blog.

However, in 2012, faced with the closure of the website hosting our online discussions, I made the decision to rebrand. Concurrent with this change, I contemplated relocating the discussions from the MLC into a public domain. Desiring a fresh start, I pondered for an extended period and ultimately settled on a name that pays tribute to our inaugural puzzle – the one that initially engaged both staff members and students in mathematical discussions, affirming that, in the end, they are all mathematicians.”

Final Words

“I trust that this article has aided you in your quest to ascertain the precise factorial for 100. Feel free to share it with your family, friends, teachers, or anyone else who might be intrigued by the fascinating world of factorials and numbers.”

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Thanks for posting such a amazing blog

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thanks for posting such an amazing blog

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