What Weapons Should You Use Against a Lightsaber Wielder?

As far as movie and sci-fi weapons go, the Star Wars lightsabers reign supreme. Powered by Force-imbued kyber crystals, these sophisticated weapons feature plasma blades that are capable of cutting through almost every known material in the galaxy. In the hands of the Jedi and Sith who wield them, these weapons are as deadly as they come.

This incredible power of lightsabers has unsurprisingly led the ever curious Star Wars fandom to wonder if lightsabers are really the be-all, end-all weapons of the galaxy or if there are other weapons that could hold their own against them. Well we have your answer.

Below, we shall be taking a look at some of the Star Wars weapons that could beat a lightsaber.


These staff-like melee weapons which were created by the Baktoid Armor Workshop and Holowan Mechanicals during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, featured a design that made them uniquely-suited for single combat against lightsaber wielders. They were often plated with Phrik alloy which made them lightsaber-resistant. Each end of the staff was also tipped with yellow and purple electricity, powerful enough to stop a heart after about 5 seconds of contact.

These weapons were mostly used by the Clone Shock Troopers of the Galactic Republic, IG-100 Magnaguards (Clone Wars) and Riot & Heavy Troopers (Galactic Civil War).

Although an electrostaff can block the strikes of a lightsaber, it is not completely invulnerable to it. This means that a lightsaber can still destroy the weapon.

Beskar Spear

Beskar or Mandalorian iron is one of the few materials in the galaxy that can withstand lightsabers. These incredibly strong and precious alloy metals were mostly used by the people of Mandalore for their armour and weapons. In the hands of a skilled fighter, a simple spear made of Beskar could easily best a lightsaber.

Songsteel Blade

Songsteel is another rare material that was capable of blocking attacks from a lightsaber. Due to its rarity and cost, the luminous, lightweight silver metal was mostly used to create impressive masterwork arms.

The impressive power of this metal can be seen in Clone Wars when Jedi Master Darrus Jeht used his Songsteel sword to deflect the two lightsabers of Jedi Masters Devan For’deschel and Lanius Qel-Bertuk during a practice duel in the Almas Academy. Although Master Darrus mainly used his Songsteel sword for sparring sessions, there have been many Jedi like (The Master in Violet) who used Songsteel swords as their primary weapons because of their durability and lightweight.

Cortosis Blade

Cortosis was one of the most durable metals in the Star Wars universe and their blades can blocks lightsaber attacks. If a blade that is made entirely of Cortosis (not an alloy with other metals) strikes a lightsaber at a specific angle, the plasma beam of that lightsaber’s blade can get distorted and shorted-out.

Phrik Weapons

Weapons made from Phrik (one of the most durable metallic compounds in the Star Wars universe) can also hold their own against lightsabers. The Sith Dark Lord, Darth Sidious even used Phrik for the lightsabers he constructed during his time as an apprentice under Darth Plagueis.

Due to its high durability and malleable nature, Phrik was typically used to create battle armour and a wide variety of weapons.

Another Lightsaber

According to Star Wars lore, a lightsaber blade can not cut through another lightsaber blade even when they clash, so it makes sense that one of the best weapons one could use against a lightsaber wielder is another lightsaber. It is important to bear in mind that while the blade of lightsaber may not be breakable, its hilt can get damaged from a lightsaber strike.


Lightsabers are some of the most powerful weapons used in the Star Wars universe. Their plasma-filled energy blades are capable of deflecting and cutting through almost every known material in the galaxy, however there are some rare materials (Beskar, Cortosis, Songsteel, Phrik) that are resistant to lightsabers. In the hands of skilled fighters, weapons made from these lightsaber-resistant materials could easily best a lightsaber. An electrostaff or another lightsaber are also good choices for defending against lightsaber attacks.

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