Will an iPhone 11 Pro Case Fit an iPhone 11?

With the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models looking physically similar, it’s reasonable to wonder whether cases are interchangeable between the two phones. Here is an overview of case compatibility.


At first glance, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro appear nearly identical in size and body design. However, on closer inspection there are slight dimensional differences that can impact case fitting.

While there are some cross-compatible cases, the two phones are generally not interchangeable when it comes to protective cases. Let’s examine the key physical differences and case recommendations.

Key Dimensional Differences

While less than a millimeter separates them, these key elements affect case fitting:

  • Camera bump – The 11 Pro has a significantly larger, square triple-lens bump versus the 11’s dual lenses.
  • Thickness – The 11 Pro is 0.4mm thinner than the 11.
  • Button placement – Volume and power buttons sit slightly lower on the 11 Pro body.
  • Corner radius – The 11 Pro has more rounded display corners than the boxier 11.

These variances mean most form-fitting 11 Pro cases won’t work optimally on the 11. Loose areas or misaligned cutouts are likely.

Recommendations for Case Types

Here are case recommendations based on design:

  • Slim cases – Likely incompatible due to thickness and button differences.
  • Folio cases – May be cross-compatible since the front flap matters more than form fit.
  • Wallet cases – Interchangeable if they have expandable card storage rather than set slots.
  • Rugged cases – Incompatible if relying on precise device molding rather than just bumpers.
  • Clear cases – Vary in fit depending on material flexibility and molding.

Tips for Finding a Compatible Case

Focus on these aspects when selecting a third-party case intended for the 11 Pro that may work with the 11:

  • Flexible rather than rigid materials.
  • Adjustable or open card storage.
  • Large bumper cutouts.
  • Case marketed as fitting multiple models.
  • Positive reviews confirming good 11 fit.


While the 11 and 11 Pro look very similar, small dimensional and design inconsistencies mean their cases are largely incompatible in terms of optimal fit. Certain less precise folio and rugged cases may work interchangeably still. Your best bet is to select a case designed specifically for your iPhone 11 model for full functionality and protection.


Q: Can I use a MagSafe case for the 11 Pro with an 11?

A: Unfortunately no, the magnets will not align properly between models.

Q: What about screen protectors?

A: Screen protectors are interchangeable since both phones use the same 6.1” display panel size.

Q: Will an 11 Pro Max case work on a 11 Pro?

A: No, the Pro Max is larger so cases are not cross-compatible with the smaller Pro.

Q: Can I mix and match case types, like use an 11 Pro folio and 11 rugged case?

A: It’s not recommended, as the dimensions must match within each case type for proper fitting and functionality.

Q: If I’m fine with a loose case fit, can I use it?

A: Ill-fitting cases may work in a pinch but won’t offer full drop and scratch protection, so get a properly matching case soon.

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