Best Multiplayer Games to Play in 2023

People never get tired of gaming. It’s one of those activities that just keeps on giving. Whether it’s dopamine or adrenaline, gamers are hooked on just how good it feels to play that one last match. Not everyone loves taking it slow and playing by themselves single-player games that are story driven. Some of us want to get into battle royales with our mates and burn the midnight oil while we clench another victory. 

That’s what we’re covering today; the best multiplayer games to check out in 2023 that will be a blast not just for you but also for your entire group to jump into. Before we start with our listicle, it’s worth mentioning that multiplayer games feed off of your internet. A good bit of it. Don’t even think about getting into competitive leagues if you don’t have an internet that ensures lag-free service. 

For this, we recommend reaching out to the AT&T customer service number and equipping yourself with one of the top ISPs out there. With speedy, reliable internet you can go ahead and say goodbye to frequent headaches. Now, without further ado, let’s head on over to check out our spicy selection of multiplayer games. 

Apex Legends

Apex came into the Battle Royale market a bit late but made quite a big splash with its colorful presence. Where other Royales like COD and Fortnite (a large focus was skins on Fortnite accounts) were largely polar in their fan base and mechanics, Apex offered a middle ground that appealed to everyone in the multiplayer space. By offering in-game revival opportunities, a fresh selection of customizations, lots of heroes to pick from, and guns that changed form according to the number of kills acquired from them, Apex established itself as a force to be reckoned with. 

Apex Legends also encourages game parties by offering a percentage boost of experience accumulated after each game if you’re already grouped up with your mates. Since it’s a multiplayer game, you’ll have to make sure the internet you’re playing it on is good enough to manage packet data and uploads as well as downloads. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall

Gone are the days when Destiny wasn’t a free game. Ever since the advent of New Light, Bungie has made sure that a big chunk of their game is made available, for free, for the numerous amount of players that are absolutely bonkers for Destiny. Destiny has a simple formula; run, gun, and have fun all while doing it with your friends. The game is a co-op for the most part but can pit players against each other in select modes as well. 

Lightfall is Bungie’s attempt to shake up their game’s mechanics by introducing a new sub-class called Strand and a handful of combat and movement capabilities. All this is crucial as you and your friends will fight against new enemies, explore new horizons and rediscover the existence of old friends & foes. The story has had work done on it as well. All in all, it’s a breathtaking experience. 


A new inclusion to the multiplayer genre is a co-op survival game called Redfall. You have your everyday, bloodthirsty vampires clawing and clambering to come to have a bite of you. Players must get creative and fend them off with quick thinking. There are different abilities and weapons similar to COD zombies but much more colorful. For example, you can take a flamethrower and burn zombies to a crisp or use a tractor in your surroundings to mow down an entire horde in one go. Fun, right? 

Diablo IV

Diablo is a well-established title at this point. Diablo IV only continues on the legacy its predecessors have firmly set in the gaming world. Players fight ungodly forces sent by the Demon Queen, Lilith, and try to serve justice in the most inhumane way possible. 

Diablo IV embraces RPG elements more boldly than its prequel by giving players the option to opt for five classes. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses and collectively contributes to providing a more holistic RPG experience, story, and combat. The developers also made sure to listen to fans complain about Diablo III not having a beefy storyline. Since then, changes and iterations have been made to make Diablo IV have a more visible, understandable storyline skewered with bloody combat and obscenities. 

As one of the highly anticipated multiplayer games of 2023, Diablo is jumping into some major expectations. So far, though, fans have had an enjoyable time devouring trailers, gameplay, and demos. This game will surely not disappoint. 


That’s a wrap on our tasty selection of multiplayer games to spice up your 2023. If you’re not willing to pay full price for them then it might be best to wait for a little for the holiday season because that’s when the deals will start popping up. Since most of these games will be available on gaming stations, we wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually got a slash in their prices for a limited time. Keep a look out and purchase whenever you deem fit. GG!

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