Best TikTok downloaders for MP3

Ever found a hilarious or catchy video on TikTok and wished you could download the music from it? You’re not alone. TikTok has become a platform for discovering up-and-coming artists and the latest viral songs. While TikTok makes it easy to watch and share short-form mobile videos, downloading the audio from videos requires a few extra tools. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best TikTok downloader out there to help you build the perfect TikTok soundtrack or MP3 playlist. Whether you’re looking for a simple free tool or a more full-featured paid option, you’ll find a TikTok downloader suited to your needs. Ready to get your favorite TikTok songs and sounds out of the app and onto your playlists? Let’s dive in.

What Is a TikTok Downloader?

A TikTok downloader allows you to save TikTok videos to your device so you can watch them whenever you want, even without an internet connection.

There are a few free TikTok downloaders out there, but some are better than others. The best ones are easy to use, download quickly, and most importantly, are safe and legal to use.

  1. TikTok Downloader. This is a simple but effective tool. Just enter the TikTok video URL or username and it will detect the video details. Click “Download” and your video will start saving right to your computer. It works for both videos and TikTok music.
  2. Videoder. This popular app lets you download videos from over 1,000 sites, including TikTok. Install it on your phone or use the web version. All you need is the link to the TikTok video and Videoder will grab it for you. It’s fast, free, and available for both Android and iOS.
  3. TTDownloader. As the name suggests, this downloader is tailored specifically for TikTok videos. It has a clean, user-friendly interface where you just paste the video URL or username and select “Download Video”. It will save the video to your device at the highest quality possible. TTDownloader is available as an app or online tool.
  4. SnapTik. This easy-to-use Android app makes downloading TikTok videos a snap. Just open the app, enter the username or hashtag and it will show you all the related videos. Tap to choose the ones you want to download, and then SnapTik will save them directly to your phone. It’s a simple but useful TikTok video saver.

With the help of a TikTok downloader, you’ll never have to miss out on your favorite videos or music. Download to your heart’s content and enjoy your TikTok faves whenever and wherever you want!

Why Download TikTok Videos as MP3s?

Downloading TikTok videos as MP3s gives you so much flexibility.

First, MP3s mean the audio from videos is portable. You can listen to your favorite TikTok sounds, songs, and audio clips anywhere on any device. Just add the MP3s to your phone, tablet, MP3 player, or whatever and you’re set.

Second, MP3s make it easy to reuse and remix audio. If you come across an audio clip you like, download it as an MP3 and use it in your own TikTok videos, YouTube videos, or other social media posts. You can even edit the MP3 in music editing software to tweak it to your needs.

Finally, MP3s are a backup of TikTok audio in case videos get deleted. We all know how ephemeral TikTok videos can be. Today’s viral hit could disappear tomorrow. By saving your favorite sounds and clips as MP3s, you’ll always be able to listen to them even if the original video vanishes into the ether.

Finding the Best TikTok MP3 Downloader

With so many benefits, it is no wonder people hunt for the best TikTok MP3 downloader. 

  1. SaveTikTok. This free web-based tool lets you paste in a TikTok video URL and download just the MP3 audio in seconds. It works on both desktop and mobile and doesn’t require any account signup.
  2. Videoder. Available for both Android and iOS, the Videoder can download the audio from TikTok videos as MP3s. Just share a video’s URL with the app or find clips directly within the Videoder browser.
  3. SnapTik. Another option for Android users, SnapTik makes downloading MP3 and MP4 files from TikTok dead simple. Just open a video, tap “Download” and select MP3 as the format. Your download will start automatically.

With the help of these TikTok downloaders, you’ll be building up a library of your favorite TikTok sounds in no time. Now get out there and start downloading!

Top 5 TikTok Downloaders for MP3 Files

With TikTok’s popularity, many users want to download their favorite videos to watch offline or share with friends. The good news is several free TikTok downloaders can extract the MP3 audio from videos. Here are the top 5 options:

TikTok MP3 Downloader

This simple but effective tool lets you paste in a TikTok video URL and download just the MP3 audio file. It’s very easy to use – just enter the link and click “Download MP3”. The audio file will be saved to your computer instantly.


Videoder is a full-featured TikTok downloader app available for Android and iOS. In addition to downloading TikTok videos, it can extract and save MP3 audio from any video. To get started, open the app and tap the “Audio” option at the top. Paste in your TikTok video link and tap “Download MP3”. The audio will be saved right to your device.

TikTok Downloader for Android

If you’re an Android user, the TikTok Downloader for Android app is a great choice. This free app makes downloading TikTok MP3s a breeze. Simply open the app, paste in your TikTok video URL, tap “Download MP3” and your audio file will be saved. You can then access it through your Android music player.

VidPaw TikTok Downloader

VidPaw offers an online tool to download TikTok MP3 audio without any software installation. Just visit the VidPaw website, paste your TikTok video link into the search bar, select “MP3” as the format, and click “Download”. Your MP3 audio file will start downloading instantly. VidPaw also has browser extensions available if you prefer.


The aptly named is another simple online downloader for extracting MP3 audio from TikTok videos. To use it, go to, enter your TikTok video URL in the search bar, and click “Download MP3”. Your MP3 audio file will begin downloading right away. This lightweight tool gets the job done with no fuss.

With any of these options, you’ll be enjoying your favorite TikTok audio in no time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading TikTok Videos With

To download your favorite TikTok videos as MP3 audio files, is a great option. This free online tool lets you quickly and easily save the audio from any public TikTok video.


Go to in your web browser. This will bring you to the homepage of the TikTok MP3 downloader.

Click “Download MP3”

Once you’ve entered the correct video URL, click the “Download MP3” button. The download process will begin immediately.

Save the MP3 file

Your browser will prompt you to save the MP3 audio file. Select a save location on your computer like the Downloads folder. The file name will contain the username and video details. 

Enjoy your TikTok MP3!

Your TikTok audio clip is now saved to your device as an MP3 file. You can play it, add it to your music library, or do whatever you like! The quality of the MP3 depends on the audio quality of the original TikTok video.

Downloading TikTok videos as MP3 files is a simple process using In just a few clicks you can save and keep the audio from your favorite short-form videos. 


So there you have it, three of the best TikTok downloaders currently available. Whether you want to download the latest viral TikToks to watch offline, save your favorite music clips, or grab content to reuse in your own TikTok videos, these tools will have you covered. They’re all free, easy to use, and work on both desktop and mobile. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download one of these apps, find some trending TikToks or sounds you love, and get downloading. Before you know it, you’ll have a library of entertaining TikTok videos and music you can enjoy even offline.

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