Reviewing the Chikki Mod APK Features And Download Instructions

What Is Chikki Mod APK & Explained Its Features 


Chikki Mod APK is a modified version of Chikki, a popular gaming app that lets you play console and PC games on your Android device. With Chikki APK , you can enjoy unlimited coins, VIP features, and no waiting time for playing any game you want. In this article, I will explain more about Chikki Mod APK and how to download and install it on your device.

What is Chikki?

Chikki is a cloud gaming platform that allows you to play hundreds of games from different consoles and PCs on your Android device. You can choose from genres like action, adventure, racing, sports, RPG, and more. You can also play online with your friends or other players from around the world.

Some of the games that you can play on Chikki are:

  • GTA 5
  • PUBG
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Resident Evil
  • God of War
  • Spider-Man
  • And many more

To play these games, you need to have a stable internet connection and a compatible device. You also need to have enough coins to start a game session. Coins are the currency that you use to pay for the time you spend playing on Chikki. You can earn coins by watching ads, completing tasks, or inviting friends. You can also buy coins with real money.

What Is Chikki Mod APK?

Chikki Mod APK is a hacked version of Chikki that gives you unlimited coins and VIP features for free. With Chikki Mod APK, you can play any game you want without worrying about running out of coins or waiting for the game to load. You can also access exclusive games and features that are only available for VIP members.

Chikki Mod APK Features

Unlimited Coins

With chikki mod apk, you can get unlimited coins that you can use to play any game you want without any restrictions. You can also use the coins to buy in-game items, unlock new levels, and enhance your gaming experience. 

You don’t have to worry about running out of coins or spending real money to get more. Just download the mod apk and enjoy unlimited gaming fun.

VIP Unlocked

Another feature of chikki mod apk is that it unlocks the VIP membership for you. This means that you can access all the premium games and features that are only available for VIP users. 

You can play games like GTA 5, PUBG, Call of Duty, and many more on your Android device with high-quality graphics and smooth performance. You can also join online multiplayer sessions with other VIP users and chat with them in real-time.

No Ads

One of the most annoying things about playing games on your Android device is the ads that pop up every now and then. They interrupt your gameplay, waste your time, and consume your data. 

With chikki mod apk, you can get rid of all the ads and enjoy uninterrupted gaming. You won’t see any banners, pop-ups, or videos that distract you from your game. You can focus on your game and have a better gaming experience.

No Root Required

Some mod apks require you to root your Android device in order to install them. This can be risky, as it can void your warranty, expose your device to malware, and cause system instability. With chikki mod apk, you don’t have to root your device at all. You can simply download the apk file from the link provided and install it on your device without any hassle. You don’t need any special permissions or skills to use this mod apk.

How to download and install Chikki Mod APK?

To download and install Chikki Mod APK on your device, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the download button given above, and Chikki Mod APK will start downloading1.
  • Once downloaded, make sure to allow unknown source installation from setting.
  • Click on the APK file to begin installation1.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  • Launch the app and enjoy playing your favorite games.


Chikki Mod APK is a great app for gaming enthusiasts who want to play console and PC games on their Android device. With unlimited coins and VIP features, you can have an amazing gaming experience with Chikki Mod APK. Download it now and have fun!

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