How to Use Fatal to the Flesh Website

Fatal to the Flesh website provides users a space to engage in gameplay without specific targets or following levels. Created by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004, it offers a platform for individuals to showcase their talents and leisurely spend their time. Here’s an overview of what you should know about Fatal to the Flesh.

What is Fatal To The Flesh?

When users first visit Fatal To The Flesh, they encounter a blank white screen. As the cursor moves across, fragments start appearing against a red background, resembling wounds on the skin. Additional pieces materialize as the cursor traverses the screen, allowing users to create simulated bloody wounds on a white backdrop.

It serves as a digital substitute for real self-harm without endorsing or promoting such behavior. Instead, when individuals feel the urge to harm themselves, they can use simulation games on the site as a distraction.

This platform allows users to channel their emotions in a non-harmful manner. Through playing simulation games on the Fatal To The Flesh website, individuals can express their emotions on a blank canvas without causing harm.


    The websites serve as visual cues resembling signs to deter individuals from self-harm. This simulation technique helps prevent individuals from making life-threatening decisions. Using this site aids in stopping self-harm and safeguarding against self-inflicted injuries. It allows people to express their emotions on a white canvas resembling the human body instead of their real selves. Each cut features red markings to create a more realistic and natural appearance for website users.

    Some Technical Information

    Users land directly on a blank page within the Fatal to the Flesh Website, devoid of any description or instructions. The markings on the page vary based on the speed of mouse movement.

    Faster mouse movements result in deeper marks, accompanied by more red drops. The website holds a trust rating of 67%.

    Its positive trust rating is attributed to the site’s longevity and its utilization of HTTPS protocols. Trusted rating providers do not specify the country in the technical data.

    The domain was created 17 years and 298 days ago, established on February 8, 2004. Generally, longer domain ages are associated with greater website credibility.

    Unfortunately, there is no disclosed information regarding the website’s developer or author. Additionally, crucial technical details about the website are absent.

    Using Fatal to the Flesh Website in 2023

    Navigating the site is straightforward: users just have to visit it. Once there, they can adjust the size of the blank sheet to their preference. Moving the mouse swiftly across the screen results in a zoom-out effect that reveals depth.

    Gradually rotating the mouse causes small strokes to emerge on the screen. Additionally, this website provides other harmless games as alternative digital outlets for users.

    Final Words

    This covers Fatal to the Flesh 2022. If you ever feel the urge to harm yourself physically, this website offers an alternative outlet. However, if these emotions are frequent, seeking advice from a professional is recommended rather than relying on such websites.

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