GE Equipment presenting Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro Test OTDR SM MM MU100021A Module OPT 2,10, 21

About Anritsu MT1000A

Anritsu MT1000A is configured as a mixture of different measurement modules. It is also manufactured to properly support the combination of selected measurement-based modules as well as options that are linked with the main unit. The Network master pro MT 1000A is known as a multiplatform that is designed for the testing of a field that is also configured by using the combination of optical as well as transport.
This Anritsu MT1000A all in one design system also supports the 5G base station interface and it is throughout the delay measurements along with the high accuracy time synchronization-based tests. This module also comprises of some basic features which are mentioned under:

Basic features of Anritsu MT1000A

This module Anritsu MT1000A comprises of different kinds of modules. It also has OTDR module along with the 10G module transport system. The one button network commissioning testing as well as easy to make network installation along with maintenance is offered. It also has a compact along with rugged design that provides many years of service in challenging conditions too. It also has a large 9-inch enhanced display, and it is used for easy reviewing that can be used indoor as well as outdoor too. It also has a Linux OS that gives fast boot up and a stable operation that is free from any kind of virus too. It also comprises of an easy as well as intuitive GUI system. It has a simple setup, test and result operation system. The modular design of this module is linked with the field installable modules, and it has a variety of options that enhance your investment. It has Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It also has different remote-control options that include VNC too. A detailed and customized reporting system is also available.

GE Equipment latest Anritsu MT1000A

Anritsu MT1000A helps in adding the 100G Multirate Module system and it is also linked with an all-in-one multi transport field-based tester too. It further helps in maintenance as well as installation of the system. Along with the MU100011A, it also helps in supporting the 25G Ethernet as well as 16G Fiber Channel and it is ideal for evaluating different networks and testing devices too. It is a light and small tester in a class as provided by GE Equipment and it is an easy-to-use GUI along with a wide 9-inch touchscreen. It is efficient and has one button testing mechanism that fully supports the measurement automation as well as it is flexible to simplify the different operations for the field technicians. It is also known as a single module that supports all the transport networks as well as field test-based requirements too.
This module Anritsu MT1000A is also termed as a platform that is configured by using different combinations of modules and it can also be customized for I&M of the different types of networks. The different networks linked with this module are; MU1000110, 00G Multirate Module, MU100010A:10G Multirate Module, MU100020A/21A/22A:OTDR Module, MU100090A:High Performance GPS Disciplined Oscillator and MU100040B:CPRI RF Module.

GE Equipment delivers quality modules like Anritsu MT1000A

Along with the brand new CPRI RF based module that is installed in the Anritsu MT1000A, it ensures that proper installation is done and whether the actual requirement of the customer is fulfilled or not. Furthermore, it also helps in supporting the leading RRH radios that are provided by the latest CPRI RF module. It lets the network master go through the RF based LTE measurements and connect with the latest measurement system too. It is furthermore designed along with the 2 SFP ports and at this time, the RF module Anritsu MT1000A also allows the CPRI to perform according to the optical power measurements.
Visit GE Equipment website and all your queries can easily be resolved. The company’s aim is to provide the quality enriched module to their customers as this is the only possible way that they can make a production unit strong enough. This decision to buy will never let you down and in the end quality outcomes can surely be generated.
A variety of examples are available where customers are fully satisfied with this purchase. Go ahead and don’t waste your time in searching for similar modules.

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