Global Play APK v2.0 (Android TV) Free Download 2023

Live TV streaming apps are pricey in terms of monthly fees. But you should stay away from them because there are a lot of free Android apps online that offer premium services of the same quality, and Global Play APK is the best of them all. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Global Play APK version from our website and start watching worldwide TV channels, movies, sports, and other entertainment stuff without paying a single penny.

App Info

Global Play APK
NameGlobal Play APK
DeveloperGlobal Play
Last UpdateMay 13, 2023

For your information, Global Play APK is a streaming app that wraps live TV channels like news, drama, sports, and cartoons, as well as movies, songs, documentaries, and web series on OTP platforms, into different categories.

It also gives users access to different IPTV portals through which they can watch TV channels from Asia, Europe, and Africa, among other places. Of course, all streams are available in HD quality with multilingual support.

Even though you can download Global Play from the Play Store for free, some of its features can only be used if you pay for them, and the app also has ads. Therefore, to avoid those ambiguities, you can download the Global Play APK from our website.

As always, we guarantee that all of our download links, including those for iPhones, Android phones, and computers, are 100% safe. Still, you can use antivirus software to check them after you have downloaded them to your device. Just like thenoobgamerz this site is also provide best apks apps.

Exploring the Global Play APK

Slowly, people around the world are switching to live streaming options, which free them from having to watch their favorite sports on TV. Streaming apps, for example Netflix or Global Play, may enable you to watch anything on compatible devices at any time and from any location.

Even though there are a lot of Android streaming apps available online, only a few are worth using, mostly because they are free and the others charge huge fees to use their services. Among other free options, Global Play is at the top for various valid reasons.

global play apk latest version

Exploring the app, you’ll find hundreds of TV channels in different categories, including news, sports, entertainment, dramas, cartoons, fashion, and business. The app also works with Movies OTP platforms like Amazon Prime, Xuxxu Last FM, Netflix, and Hotstar, which let you watch movies, documentaries, and web series as much as you want.

Moving next, you will find a list of IPTV portals, each wrapping 1000+ TV stations from various countries, including the UK, USA, Turkey, and Canada, to name a few names on this list. Lastly, the app houses a huge song gallery comprising new, old, classical, rocking, and sad music.

Dominating Features of Global Play APK

As mentioned above, Global Play APK is not any ordinary streaming app, as it packs a range of commendable features, such as multiple language support, an extensive TV channel list, a decent user interface, and enhanced compatibility options. Let’s explore some other vital traits of this app.

global play live tv

Access to Worldwide Live TV Channels: Global Play APK ensures your access to global TV Stations of various categories, including Sports, News, Dramas, Kids Entertainment, and many more.

global play live football

Watch your Favorite Sports Streams: Using the app, you can watch HD Quality Live Streaming of International Sports, such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Rugby, and Snooker, a few names on the list.

watch online movies

Massive Movies & Songs Gallery: Feel free to explore the app’s comprehensive Movies and Songs Library. Apart from Movies, you may also find a long list of Web-series, Documentaries, and Seasons with subtitles options.

Global Play APK features

Available in Multiple Languages: The app supports various languages, including English, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

global play network app

Equipped with Chromecast Option: This feature allows you to connect the app to large screens, like Apple TVs, PCs/Computers, and MacBooks.

global play apk free live streaming

User-Friendly Interface: Despite having exclusive and high-end features, the app contains a simple yet user-friendly interface.

What’s new in Global Play APK (MOD Features)

Global Play APK is not an app that has been abandoned because it gets regular updates from the developers who add new features and improve it. However, you can’t access the latest characteristics while using the older app’s edition.

Indeed, we’re offering the most recent Global Play APK package, in which you may experience a lot more changes regarding upgrading TV Channels Live, subtitles support, the inclusion of the Chromecast option, and bug fixes.

  • No Ads & Shopping Features
  • Improved Interface
  • Free-to-Download App
  • Bugs Fixes


Reviewed By Tanveer:
With the help of this app, you will be able to stream quickly and easily. Having the ability to watch live television from anywhere in the world on my phone is something I never thought was possible for me. I believe it is one of the best and most advanced innovations that mankind has seen in a long time. We need to connect people through technology if we are to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. I would like to thank the Global Play TV team for their efforts on this app.

How to Download and Install Global Play APK

Global Play APK is a free app to download, but you need to be careful and take the right steps when you do so. If you don’t, you could end up with system-wide installation problems. As a result, we’re creating a comprehensive guide covering the entire subject.

  • You have to first by clicking on the download button to get Global Play APK File
  • After completing the downloading process, navigate to Phone’s settings
  • In the security option, enable Unknown Sources so that this file can access your device storage
  • Now, you have to open the File Manager and then Download Folder to locate the Global Play APK package
  • Next, launch the app to initiate the installation process, and complete it by providing various admin-permissions
  • Finally, open the app and enjoy
how to download and install by

Frequently Asked Questions


In short, Global Play APK is your gateway to the world because the app ensures your access to all those TV channels that are impossible to watch on local networks or cable platforms. Also, it is small and only uses a few internet megabytes and a small amount of battery power, even if it is used all day. On the side, you can use our website’s “Push Notifications” feature to find out when new APK versions of your favorite games and apps are coming out.

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