Hiring and retaining tech talent is now made easy with Mercer | Mettl online coding tests

Businesses are constantly hiring new talents to fill the knowledge gap and ensure their business process’s smooth running. Interviews are the standard means to hire new talents for the organization. But recruiting crucial positions such as data scientists, programmers, developers, coders, etc., demands a lot of effort and time. About 86% of the managers say hiring technical talent is challenging. Thus, organizations make use of online coding tests to recruit candidates with technical capabilities. They are of significant use in measuring the candidates’ coding skills before hiring them for specific job posts. 

Types of questions and assessment patterns in coding tests:

A comprehensive coding test comprises multiple-choice questions and simulators to evaluate the competencies of the candidate. They can be of tremendous use in screening candidates for different job posts, such as engineers, programmers, and database professionals. 

The online coding tests will measure the programming skills and abilities of the candidates. It also assesses how the candidate will perform in real-life situations if he gets the job in the company. The assessments will have questions on different programming languages such as Java, Python, etc. Apart from the coding skills, it also assesses the candidate’s knowledge of coding, logical reasoning, and attention to detail. Thus, with the help of these tests, the recruiters will be able to fetch the best technical fit candidate for different job positions.


What is a coding simulator?

A coding simulator mimics the real-time coding experience. It assesses the technical proficiency of the candidates by asking them to write new codes or to debug the existing ones. It also gives them test scores and feedback. 

Advantages of using coding tests to hire technical talents:

Recruiters can make use of online coding tests to assess both freshers and coders with experience. It offers a step-by-step hiring process. Recruiters can use them to shortlist the candidates. This can be of great use in the initial recruitment phases. There are other advantages of recruiting coders on the basis of online coding tests, and these are as follows.

  • Recruiters will be able to assess candidates on a range of tech skills using hands-on tests.
  • Giving these tests online makes it possible to reach talents globally.
  • The tests can be useful for hiring fresh coders and those with relevant experience.
  • The test platform also offers real-time and in-depth analytics reports of the candidate to aid in the hiring decisions.
  • The test tools assess the candidates in real-world coding environments.

Factors to consider while selecting the online coding test:

Coding tests help in identifying the key skills and competencies of the candidate. Thus, selecting the coding platform is important in streamlining the hiring process. Some important factors to consider in the process are as follows.

  • Pair the tests with the specific job role. There are different tests for testing front-end and back-end developers. 
  • Choose a test that has an updated library of questions.
  • Make sure that the test tool is valid, reliable, and accurate.  
  • Ensure that the test is customizable, scalable, and offers real-time reports and analytics.
Bottom Line:

The best online coding tests screen coders, making hiring managers’ jobs easy and simple. The tests evaluate the candidates on more than 600 skills and assess their hands-on field training. Managers can make use of its insightful reports to streamline their hiring process.

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