Horrorfield Mod Apk

If you are a lionhearted horror games lover and want some new playing experience, you should try horror field mod apk. Survival games make your brain sensitive to your mental resources to play till last. Horrorfield is an online game created with vivid 3D graphics that change the environment from average to scary, terrifying light effects. It turns the atmosphere scary.

It’s a multiplayer game online where every player comes with a different character’s ability. Get enjoy the frightfulness game; try to survive till last, and avoid horrifying death! Make yourself a fearless gamer who always wants to win. A war in haunted opera is waiting for you along with your team.

horrorfield mod apk
Game NameHorrorfield Multiplayer horror
DeveloperSkytec Games, Inc
Apk Size121MB
Current Version1.4.5
Mod FeatureUnlocked
Original Versionthe noob gamerz
Update1 Day Ago

Game Overview

In the first place, you’ll be able to identify this games’ genre just after looking at it. Players in this game will join to form a team where they’ll be helping each other. This game aims to seek a person concealed in the darkness who Maniac will rule. Your team has to explore the dark location to get him out from there. But it could not be so simple as you think.

Dark location the area with No lights where you could face much more difficulties knowing about your surroundings activity. You may get trapped easily by people. You’ll need to discover that area’s generator firstly to unlock the exit. You’ll learn about seven types of characters in this game, with each one having different and unique abilities and powers.

Horrorfield is a Horror game that is full of mysteries and surprises. The game puts you in the role of a young girl who must find her way out of Horrorfield, which you soon learn is not just any ordinary Horror game. As she tries to escape, she reads the notes left behind by others who have also tried to escape the world before her. You will be taken on a journey through different worlds with puzzles, challenges, and a lot of imagination in this Horror game!

horrorfield mod apk

Horrorfield MOD APK Features

This game comes with an amazing feature is Horrorfield mod apk unlimited money you can buy anything with this feature. This game could be the most horrifying experience you’ve ever had if you are playing it for the first time. A three-dimension perspective has been used in this game to help you observe the surrounding activities; in addition to text, it’ll also track your teammates.

Anyhow the official version of this online game has not yet been set in motion, while the current version, which we have mentioned, is purely a trial version for experiencing and reviewing the game. Its central performance has been improving by the company constantly for you to enjoy the most action-packed adventure.

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Horrorfield is a cooperative scarifying game that is exciting, bringing out a wide range of sentiment inside you. It will thrill you and give you fun while playing. I guess you’re wondering what you’re waiting for. I suggest you check this superb game out so you can survive till the end.

Enormous design

Horrorfield is a scary game; it has been terrifyingly created in natural graphic color. Here you’ll get an ancient village along with a forest, where the darkness will be indicating your death is coming. Every scene created in this game is as much realistic as you are in a horror movie. Moreover, there’ll be a blood effect with an alarm to stimulate the player.

Assassinate or be assassinated

Horrorfield is a massively multiplayer online game that comes with only one mode, where you’ll be with five other players. Here you’ll have two choices, to weather play as a survivor or as a killer. You’ll get the option to select from 4 different persons to play as an explorer. Every character in the game has specific and professional expertise that will be only for a particular function.

horrified mod apk unlimited money

For example, Stacey is a physician, and she plays a role in collecting medicinal medications to save other players. You’re also allowed to get any character from any of the seven characters in the game. To survive last, you’ll have to perform well while living in your role and cooperating with other players.

This game has a self-contained map in it, where objects will be scattered across, and you’ll have to find them for surviving. For winning this game, you’ll need to make it to every stage of the game. If you don’t, then get ready to be assassinated.

You will no longer be afraid

To have a craze to play horror & adventures games, I guarantee you not to worry you’ll not be afraid then. You’ll have to seek zombies or madmen here, and you must control them like zombies in FPS games. If you’re a maniac, then no one can assassinate you. Play with your saw holding in your hands to kill everyone. If you ever wanted to change the player’s position, you should be specialized in that character expertise.

Is the Mod version available on Google Play?

This mod to be available on google should go through the set of rules Google has made. Horrorfield mod apk doesn’t have command on those rules, as google doesn’t allow a modded version of any application. So that’s the reason behind it.

How to Install Horrorfield MOD APK on Android?

Subsequently, you’ll have to enable the unknown sources in the settings of your mobile phone. The Horrorfield Mod Apk file is elementary to install. Please follow the below instructions. Click on the download button below to download.

  1. Download the file, then open it.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Follow all the instructions given inside.
  4. Once you install it properly, you can enjoy it.

What is the procedure for installing Horrorfield MOD APK on PC?

You can install this game on PC in Bluestacks.

  1. Bluestack is an android emulator widely use to play any mobile application on PC; you must download and install it first.
  2. Now download the horror field mod apk file from our site, just after installing the emulator.
  3. Just install the game.
  4. Now click the launch button after installing.


Get ready to go through the most exciting moments of this game. Think of different strategies to pass the level. Play hide and seek with the killer and look for your heartbeat; if your heartbeats increase, it means you are near to the killer.

In short, Horrorfield has tons of exciting features to attract you. It is also available on PC So, don’t waste more time finding other worst games; download horror field MOD APK Unlimited money from our website to unlock all characters and enjoy.

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