How far is Leicester from London? 

Are you a Londoner who wants to find an inspiring destination nearby? Or maybe you are a foreigner dreaming of pushing the boundaries of the trip outside the British capital? Visiting Leicester will be a top solution in both situations. 

Unlike noisy and busy London, this city offers to enjoy its historical past and cultural present in a more relaxed atmosphere. Also, you will be happy to explore its natural gems and taste the diverse culinary scene. The main issue that you need to solve in order to implement such a plan is transportation. 

London-to-Leicester distance is approximately 105 miles between city centres. Not so close but not so far either. So, you can choose a couple of available ways to get to your destination. The cost of the trip and the time spent is the main criterion to follow. 

How many hours is Leicester from London? 

The total travel time depends on a variety of factors, including the exact location you are departing from and arriving at. Indeed, you can spend about an hour reaching outside the urban zone during peak periods. Also, the type of transport matters. On average, it takes 2 to 3 hours for such a ride. However, let’s look at all the methods of getting between these two cities and calculate the approximate time you will spend on the road.

Bus service 

The UK capital features an expectedly developed intercity bus network. This means you can hit the road at almost any time of the day. Departure time, ticket prices, and trip length depend on the specific carrier. Find all available options in the following list. 

  • National Express. The operator’s buses depart every 30-60 minutes from London Victoria Coach Station (Address: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W9TP) and arrive at St Margaret’s Bus Station (Address: Gravel St, LE1 3AG) in Leicester. The first one leaves at 6:00 am, while the last one is at 10:30 pm. The average travel time is 2 hours and 50 minutes and may vary depending on the line and specific traffic intensity. You will pay around £7-10 per person one way. Tickets are available at the station and online, and can also be ordered by phone. 
  • Flixbus. In total, Flixbus offers 6 trips during the day. Buses depart at 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 3:30 pm, 10:00 pm, and 11.59 pm from Victoria Coach Station but arrive at Fosse Park. Unlike National Express, some Flixbus lines have double-deckers with free Wi-Fi access and outlets. Estimated travel time is about 2 hours and 25 minutes. The price of one-way tickets ranges from £12 to £18 per person.

Driving a car

If you are used to being the master of the situation, you might prefer a road trip by car. This is a perfect way to get from point A to point B at any time. That is, you don’t have to stick to timetables like you do when using the bus service. 

If you can’t use your personal car for such a trip, rent it. Companies offer multiple car hire offers, from small economy models to SUVs and even people carriers. For 4-5 passengers, pick up a compact through a full-size car. However, consider a larger vehicle when travelling with children. Yes, we recommend you pick up a 9 seater car hire to Leicester for a family ride. With plenty of head and legroom, it’s ideal for comfortable driving. Plus, you can book a 9 seater car hire Leicester in advance and save money. The average cost for such a car starts at £65 per day, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience you get. 

It takes you 2 to 3 hours to cover 105 miles, depending on the traffic situation. Your task is to get on the M1 motorway and follow it all the way to Leicester. Along the route, you can make a few stops at Windsor, Warwick, or Milton Keynes to relax and take in the local sights. The estimated fuel costs for such a one-way journey are £15-30. If possible, refuel outside of cities where the fuel price is cheaper. 

Train connection 

East Midlands Railways offers passengers to leave for Leicester every 20 minutes from St Pancras International (Address: Euston Rd., London N1C 4QP). The train runs every 20 minutes and the earliest time you can start your trip is 5:27 am. By the way, this is the fastest way to travel between these cities, with an average travel time of only 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

During the journey, you can use the outlets to charge your laptop or mobile phone, and free WiFi access. Comfy seats with tables are also at your disposal in standard-class carriages. And if you buy a ticket in a 1st-class carriage, more comfortable seats and complimentary food/drink will be available to you. 

How much is a train ticket to Leicester? 

Standard tickets cost between £40-60 per person depending on the passenger’s age and the booking time. For 1st-class tickets, expect to pay £85-130 per person. 

So, your London-to-Leicester trip is a hassle-free experience with the right preparation. If time is your priority, travel by train. Budget travellers may prefer the bus. At the same time, a car gives you privacy and freedom of movement when cruising to Leicester. Whichever option you choose, expect an exciting ride in the heart of the UK!

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