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Security is playing a vital role in current architectural designs. The interior of any building, house or apartment lacks its importance if it’s not secured. Door locks are the main medium of accessing security of any building or room in that building. Therefore, in the current scenario it’s mandatory to have a properly functioning door lock which not only fulfills the security requirements but also which go with the overall interior design. 

Selection of a perfect door lock involves considering certain factors such as security level, type of door, budget and personal preferences.

Some of the steps to help you selecting your ideal door lock are as follows:

1.     Security Level of various door locks: Decide a security factor as per your need based on the crime rate at your locality and the importance of what you are protecting. For high-security reasons one can go for door locks with features like anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-bump capabilities, sensor,  pattern and fingerprint locks, etc. while for low-security reasons one can go for key locks or normal door locks.

2.     Various Door Type for compatibility of door locks:  Compatibility factor between the lock and door is one of the essential factors. Consider the type of the door you have(wood, metal, glass, etc.) and accordingly choose the lock which satisfies the compatibility factor as different doors require different installation methods.

3.     Type of various door Locks: Varieties of locks are available in the market such as deadbolts, bathroom lockdoor knobs , electronic locks and smart locks. Choose according to your preference and need.

4.     Certifications and Standards related to door locks: Industry Standards and Certifications for quality and security, such as ANSI/BHMA grading for residential locks or EN 1303 for European locks are available. Look for the locks which meet this criterion.

5.     Budget factor – a necessity for opting a right door lock: Set a budget and explore the variety in that range but keep in mind that high-quality locks may be expensive but can provide better security, functionality and durability in the long run.

6.     Warranty and Support related to door locks: Locks may face malfunctions or defects and a reliable warranty can provide peace of mind and protection from loss. Check the warranty and after-sales support offered by the manufacturer or seller.

7.     Installation of various door locks: Some locks require additional and special installation techniques and tools. Hence, it is necessary to check whether you will need professional assistance or not.

8.     Some Additional Features of door locks: Some additional features such as keyless entry, remote access, alarm systems and integration with home security systems if they align with your security needs and preferences.   

By referring to these factors one can choose a perfect door lock which will not only reduce the risk factor by enhancing the security by fulfilling the requirements according to the need but will also go with the overall décor.  

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