Top 6 Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives for Live Streaming

Following the removal of the well-known subreddit with 100k followers, /r/SoccerStreams, due to copyright issues, we present some reliable alternatives to ensure you don’t miss upcoming football leagues—all for free. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives, allowing you to stream all football leagues in both 1080p and 720p quality.

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams?

The SoccerStreams subreddit was a preferred choice for those seeking free alternatives to channel subscriptions. Its popularity soared during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, attracting over 100k users. The subreddit provided a plethora of links, flooding the page 30 minutes before each match, offering live streams in full HD quality. Users could access direct links, Sopcast links, and Acestream links on SoccerStreams.

Utilizing P2P technology, similar to torrent websites, most links facilitated seamless live streaming in high quality, free from buffering issues. Unfortunately, due to copyright infringement claims from the Premium League team, the page has been taken down. It was once a highly trusted subreddit for sharing reliable HD streams. 🙁

Thus, here we are with some of the best alternatives which we could find for r/soccerstreams 2023.

Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives

This subreddit was established for users still seeking Reddit as their primary source for football streaming, but it’s smaller than r/soccerstreams, resulting in limited game links. Asian leagues and lesser-known leagues may not have streaming links.

#2 r/Footballtactics Offering streaming links moments before the game begins, this subreddit has various users posting links to different matches. Despite having only 10k subscribers, over 1k people are typically online, with most links being AceStream, ensuring a buffer-free experience.

#3 r/soccer Redsoccer emerged post the takedown of SoccerStreams. While it lacks a large subscriber base, it features useful links. Quality is maintained through strict posting rules, allowing only direct stream links, either in SD or HD.

#4 r/USsoccer/ Utilizing a discord channel, USsoccer operates independently from its Reddit sub, offering an alternative in light of Soccer Streams’ takedown. Its longevity is uncertain, but it remains accessible for now.

#5 r/SoccerstreamsRedd Created due to the banning of stream link posting subreddits, r/soccerstreamsredd lacks aesthetic appeal, features limited links at a time, and deletes them after use to prevent a ban.

#6 r/chelseafc Dedicated to Chelsea football club, this subreddit and forum boast over 130k active members. It provides the latest updates, news, match schedules, memes, and match discussions.

In January 2019, Reddit Soccer Streams faced suspension by the Premier League for violating Reddit’s terms by featuring links to live streams, resulting in its shutdown. As a response, we present some viable alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams for watching soccer without further delay.

List of New Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives

If you’re in search of alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams, explore this guide thoroughly:

DISNEY+HOTSTAR Disney+Hotstar provides live soccer matches, score updates, highlights, and the flexibility to watch on either your computer or through its website. Offering clear, full-HD videos, this application covers various sports beyond soccer, including kabaddi and cricket. Popular among teenagers and kids, it combines sports and Disney content under one roof, with both free and paid versions available.

BOSSCAST As an alternative to Reddit soccer streams, Bosscast is an excellent option covering not only soccer but also other sports like rugby, WWE, NBA, and ice hockey. Featuring multiple streams, including MMA and NFL streams, Bosscast offers free access, though a VPN may be required if you’re not in the U.S.

ESPN A renowned platform for sports fans, ESPN delivers daily updates, match highlights, and rankings. Subscribers can watch live sports and read articles, but non-U.S. citizens may need a VPN to access ESPN.

FIRST ROW SPORTS First Row Sports is a top choice for watching soccer streams, providing live sports coverage, including football, hockey, handball, and basketball. Its straightforward user interface makes it accessible on various devices without the need for software installation. The only drawback is the presence of advertisements.

SPORTRAR Sportrar stands out as one of the best streaming sites for football, offering an easy-to-use interface and a wide array of football games. With high-quality live streams, Sportrar is available in multiple languages and accessible on different devices.

SPORTICOS Sporticos not only provides live streams in English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish but also offers access to elite leagues like the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, and Serie A. The site includes links to live streams from reputable organizations such as Sky Sports and B.T. Sport, along with free alternatives like Bet 365 and Live Score App.

STREAM2WATCH Stream2Watch gathers streams from various sites, making it a valuable resource for football fans. The site covers live games from popular locations like Malta and Las Vegas, offering a comprehensive selection of live football streams.

FACEBOOK Facebook, known for more than just social media, hosts useful soccer streams through its Watch sports streams. The platform’s data-friendly nature is gradually establishing itself as a hub for live-streaming football matches. You can find live football games on Facebook by navigating to the search bar and typing keywords such as ‘Manchester City vs Liverpool.’

Utilize these alternatives for a diverse and enriching football streaming experience.

Discord Channel for Live Football Links

If you have an interest in technology, you’re likely familiar with Discord, a VoIP application designed for sharing text, audio, images, and video content related to gaming. Accessible across various operating systems and web browsers, Discord has gained popularity as a versatile communication platform.

Following the ban of SoccerStreams on Reddit, Discord servers swiftly emerged to fill the void. The server attracted over 150,000 members within a short span, with thousands online at any given moment.

Discord’s functionality mirrors that of the SoccerStreams subreddit. Users can directly message the admin panel or moderators to share channel links. Upon approval, you gain the ability to share links for any match and receive a streamer role for future link sharing. Similar to SoccerStreams, streamers are limited to posting links one hour before a match, with channel links becoming visible only 30 minutes before the match begins. Consequently, if you visit the Discord channel when no live game is in progress, you won’t find any links. – AceStream links for live football matches stands out as an exceptional AceStream links repository catering to football enthusiasts. In addition to football, the website offers links for Tennis and Basketball games. Distinguishing itself from SoccerStream, AceListing provides links to channels a week prior to the match, allowing users to access upcoming match schedules and associated AceStream links seven days in advance.

Visit the homepage to discover a comprehensive list of scheduled matches for the day. Alongside the event list, AceStream links are conveniently displayed.

For users with AceStream installed on their devices, a simple click on the links from the browser will activate the AceStream app, initiating seamless streaming of the game on the designated AceStream channel. compiles channels covering various leagues such as the Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Portugal A Liga, Argentina SuperLiga, Columbia Primera A, Champions League, French League, Italian League, Europa League, and more. Additionally, the website provides links to multiple channels broadcasting the same match in different languages.

Conclusion: Soccer Streams Reddit Gone

These highlighted alternatives to Reddit SoccerStreams in 2023 offer various options for live soccer streaming, but it’s important to note that these websites may face potential takedowns due to copyright concerns. Take advantage of these alternatives, including the Discord channel and the AceStream link service, while they are available, and choose the one that best suits your preferences for accessing live soccer streaming links.

In conclusion, this covers some of the noteworthy alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams. We trust that this guide has been beneficial to you. If you have additional queries or insights, feel free to comment below. Should you be aware of any other valuable websites providing streaming links for soccer matches not mentioned here, kindly share them in the comments section.

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