Sensational Softness: The Ultimate Guide to Jellycat in Singapore

Do you ever get blank about purchasing Jellycat Singapore? For new parents, newborn shopping is a tedious task. The same holds true while buying toys for your little one. Often, new parents lack sufficient knowledge about the age-appropriate toys for their little one thus getting a wrong toy fails to keep the little one entertained. Among numerous high end baby toys, Jellycat is the all-time favorite that has won the hearts of kids and parents alike. These whimsical creatures are known for their unique plush exterior, floppy years, and witty expressions. From Jellycat cuddly toys to accessories to bedtime storybooks, everything is readily available from these Singaporean baby stores. These stores are highly known for providing seamless customer service thus making parents delightful about their purchases. This blog enlists the top 7 stores in Singapore where you easily buy diverse range of Jellycat plush toys. Let’s dig into details. 

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed offers captivating range of Jellycat Singapore that is hard to resist. This homegrown store takes pride in selling a menagerie of Jellycat animals that have left us shaken. From aw-inspiring prints to playful colors to intricate patterns, they have a huge fan base. Not only this, the store offers an enticing range of baby hampers that are sure to love. By scrolling through their website, you will find a plethora of baby essentials that are must-haves for infants. At this store, nearly every hamper contains a mushy and highly pliable Jellycat Bunny. Lovingly Signed carefully wraps your token of love, and makes them aesthetically appealing to present at any occasion.  So, visit their website and get your hands on these whimsical bunnies for your wee one. 

Jelly Dreams:

Jelly dreams is an on-to destination for Jellycat admirers. The store curates an adorable collection of Jellycat toys which can be personalized to make to a perfect baby hamper for any occasion. Their Jellycat soft toys are luxurious and wrapped in beautiful boxes along with baby essentials likes onesies, crib bedding, bibs, and etc. Find a perfect companion for your little one only at Jelly Dreams.

Cuddly Companions:

Cuddly companion is a renowned gift shop in Singapore. Jellycat Plushies, their best-selling product are crafted from velvety material that stays gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. Not only this, its plush exterior is made from high-end material keeping it intact even after several usages. To make a more meaningful gift, the store offers the facility to imprint your baby’s name on the Jellycat. 

Plush Paradise:

The Plush Paradise is an exciting realm of soft toys and delightful baby hampers that are perfect for gifting on any occasion. At this store, almost every hamper features Jellycat plushie along with pretty baby items like cotton blanket, baby towel, travel bag, baby wipes, and many more. Also, the store lets you pick thread color for your favorite plush animal, making the best gift for every gender. So cherish every moment with their customized Jellycat range.

Toy Haven:

Toy Haven is another renowned baby store offering an extensive range of charming Jellycat characters, each having its own appeal and style. From cute animals like bunnies to lovable bears to creative toys that foster imagination, the store offers Jellycat plushie to keep your kid’s boredom at bay. These whimsical creatures have finest fur so running fingers through their plush exterior is itself a source joy and comfort. Not only this, you can design a soft toy according to your budget. With unique items in every gift hamper, they make sure to deliver gifts timely so you can cherish moments of joy without any inconvenience. 

Cute Corner Kids:

Cute Corner Kids is popular toy store known for their creative Jellycat designs. The store pays meticulous attention to details, ensuring that each toy is thoughtfully crafted. The store prioritizes thoughtful designs such as embroidered eyes, floppy ears, and adorable accessories that contribute to overall charm and makes your Jellycat gift stand out among the rest.

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Plush & Paws Emporium:

Plush & Paws Emporium understands the importance of the diversity, and offers Jellycat animals in different sizes thus catering size preferences of its admirers. Whether you adore small companion for your little on or a giant plush friend to cuddle with, the store offers Jellycat diversity under a single roof. Whether you are prefer classic Bashful Bunny or are inclined towards quirky creatures, Plush & Paw Emporium ensures there is a Jellycat for every mood and occasion. This thoughtfulness elevates the excitement of shopping and gifting Jellycat plush toys.


Jellycat plush toy is a playful yet practical item that new parents and kid will surely love. Let your baby make great friends by shopping Jellycat Singapore at Lovingly Signed. With an added touch of personalization, their wide catalog of Jellycat soft toys along with other accessories has left us awestruck and we promise you won’t be disappointed too!

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