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Star Anonymous is a Youtuber and Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player. We have all the information about Star Anonymous right here. Including Age, Real Name, Net worth, Wife, Country, City, Contact information, PUBG Mobile Id, PUBG Mobile Name, Date of Birth, and more information.


Star Anonymous Short Biography

Real NameMubeen Ahmed
Age21 Years Old
Date of BirthApril-06-2000
Place of BithRawalpindi, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
PUBG Mobile DeviceiPad 2020
PUBG Mobile ID NameStarAnonymous
PUBG Mobile ID5180495079
PUBG Mobile Clan NameStar Clan
StarAnonymous Net Worth$341,266

Star Anonymous ID Biography

Star Anonymous is a Famous PUBG Mobile player and Pakistani Youtuber with 1million+ subscribers. His real name is Mubeen Ahmed. He was born in the beautiful city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is 21 years old. If we talk about their education then they are under matric. The reason for their fame is PUBG Mobile. This is a great Player pf Pubg Mobile. On YouTube, they have two channels. The first channel is called StarAnonymous and the second channel is called StarAnonymous 360.

Relationship (Wife)

When it comes to relationships, they have been married for a long time. Star Anonymous plays PUBG Mobile with his wife. He uploads new videos on YouTube daily. I don’t know his wife’s real name but I know her PUBG Mobile Name is Star Dew.

YouTube Career

Star Anonymous started YouTube in 2016. They were the first to upload videos of 8 ball pool on YouTube – but they didn’t get much popularity because of the 8 ball Pool. In 2017, he started uploading videos on PUBG Mobile. Her first video went viral in December 2017. Then began their good time in the world of YouTube. There were very few gaming channels in Pakistan. He is the first gaming boy to get one million subscribers on YouTube. Their other channel, on which they mostly upload vlogs, is It is also growing fastly. Star Anonymous is 21 years old and belongs to a middle-class family. He plays five fingers on the iPad.

Check out his most popular Gameplay video on YouTube

Social Media and Star Anonymous Contact Information

YouTubeStarANONYMOUS (1.8M+ Subscribers)
YouTube ANONYMOUS 360 (512K+ Subscribers)
Instagram319k+ followers
Facebook270K+ followers
TikTok1.8M+ followers

He has more than 319k+ followers on Instagram. Also, they post gameplay videos on TikTok. He has more than 1 million followers on TikTok. He is a very simple person. In terms of gaming, His channel is the largest gaming channel in Pakistan. They have got two YouTube buttons from YouTube.

Contact with Us

Business Email: 	[email protected]

Star Anonymous Id

Anonymous PUBG ID is in front of you. If you want to send them a friend request, you can. Also, you can send popularity and support him on PUBG.

PUBG Mobile ID : 5180495079
Star Anonymous PUBG id

First Time Face Reveal Video and his first vlog

Here are some interesting facts about Star Anonymous

  • A most famous PUBG Mobile Fyme clan offered him to join a clan he created his own clan.
  • They had a great friendship with Predator.
  • He is the first gaming boy to get one million subscribers on YouTube.
  • His channel is the largest gaming channel in Pakistan.
  • On Live YouTube, he got the Conqueror title.

Net Worth 2021

Over 1.68M subscribers subscribe to YouTube, a Pakistani YouTube channel that started 3 years ago. There are more than 469 uploaded videos on it.







Star Anonymous most frequently asked questions

What is the real name of Star Anonymous?

The real name of Star Anonymous is Mubeen Ahmed.

What is the income of Star Anonymous?

Mubeen Ahmed earns $341,266 in a year.

which mobile phone does Anonymous uses?

iPad 2020

We will provide more information soon stay Tuned with Us.

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