Today’s Globle Game Answer

You may be familiar with Wordle, a game that gained popularity a few months ago where players guessed the correct word of the day. Similar to Wordle is Globle, where players have to guess the country name, state name, or territory name.

Developed by Abe Train, a new word puzzle is released every day to keep players engaged. If you’re seeking Globle Game Answers, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll provide a list of all the Globle Game Answers. We’ll also provide clues and hints before revealing the answer for today, allowing you to make your guesses before checking today’s Globle Game answer.

How To Play Globle?

You can enjoy playing Globle either directly in your browser or by downloading the game on your Android device. To engage in Globle, follow these steps:

  1. Browser Play:
    • Open your browser and visit the Globle website by clicking on this link.
    • Alternatively, you can install the Globle app on your Android phone from the PlayStore.
  2. Gameplay:
    • On the game interface, you’ll find an empty box where you can enter the country name.
    • After each incorrect guess, the country name will change color, indicating how close you are to the correct answer.
    • Light colors signify you are far from the correct answer, while warmer colors suggest you are getting closer.
    • You have a maximum of 6 attempts to guess the correct answer. If you don’t succeed within these attempts, the game is lost.
    • The puzzle resets daily at midnight (00:00), providing you with a new challenge every day.

Hints For Today’s Puzzle

Before revealing the answers for Globle, let’s have some fun guessing based on the hints and clues provided below:

  • The place name starts with C.
  • It is a 2-word name.
  • The name ends with A.
  • The first two letters of the name are CO.
  • There are 9 letters in the name.

Today’s Globle Answer 2024

If you’re still unable to guess the Globle answer even after considering the hints above, here’s the answer for you:

Globle Game Answer List for 26th December 2023

Below is the comprehensive list of Globle game answers that you can refer to:

Globle Today Answers

July 19, 2022China
July 18, 2022Lesotho
July 17, 2022URUGUAY
July 16, 2022GRENADA
July 15, 2022Kiribati
July 14, 2022BOLIVIA
July 13, 2022ITALY
July 12, 2022MOZAMBIQUE
July 11, 2022IRELAND
July 10, 2022PAKISTAN
July 9, 2022NORTH KOREA
July 8, 2022HUNGARY
July 7, 2022LAOS
July 6, 2022Kyrgyzstan
July 5, 2022TIMOR LESTE
July 4, 2022Costa Rica
July 3, 2022MALDIVES
July 2, 2022LEBANON
July 1, 2022SINGAPORE

June 2022

  • 30 June 2022- Jamaica
  • 29 June 2022- Nauru
  • 28 June 2022- Mexico
  • 27 June 2022- DRC
  • 26 June 2022- Finland
  • 25 June 2022- Guinea
  • 24 June 2022- Samoa
  • 23 June 2022- Tanzania
  • 22 June 2022- Germany
  • 21 June 2022- Benin
  • 20 June 2022- Angola
  • 19 June 2022- Trinidad and Tobago
  • 18 June 2022- New Zealand
  • 17 June 2022- Venezuela
  • 16 June 2022- Israel
  • 15 June 2022- Equatorial Guinea
  • 14 June 2022- Vanuatu
  • 13 June 2022- Gabon
  • 12 June 2022- Uganda
  • 11 June 2022- Zambia
  • 10 June 2022- Liberia
  • 09 June 2022- Kuwait
  • 08 June 2022- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • 07 June 2022- Thailand
  • 06 June 2022- San Marino
  • 05 June 2022- Spain
  • 04 June 2022- Guyana
  • 03 June 2022- Andorra
  • 02 June 2022- Slovenia
  • 01 June 2022- Honduras

Final Words

We’ve provided the answer for today’s Globle puzzle, along with instructions on how to play the game. Additionally, you can find Globle Game answers for the entire month of 2023.

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