Video Game Writing Jobs and Get Paid to Review Video Games

Where the industry continues to expand at a remarkable rate, opportunities for creative and passionate individuals to carve out a career in video game writing and reviewing are more abundant than ever. Whether you’re an aspiring game journalist, a narrative designer, or simply a gaming enthusiast looking to make your passion a profitable pursuit, there are several avenues to explore. Here’s how you can get started with video game writing jobs and get paid to review Write For Us gaming.

Build Your Foundation

Develop Your Skills: Strong writing skills are a must. This includes not only a flair for storytelling but also the ability to critically analyze and articulate your thoughts on various aspects of tr2 games. Familiarize yourself with different game genres, platforms, and the history of video games to broaden your perspective.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel: One of the best ways to get noticed is by starting your own gaming blog or YouTube channel. This not only serves as a portfolio of your work but also helps you understand what resonates with the audience. Regularly post reviews, opinion pieces, and even walkthroughs to showcase your expertise and unique voice.

Networking and Community Engagement

Engage with the Gaming Community: Platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Twitter are great for connecting with fellow gamers and industry professionals. Engaging in these communities can provide insights into what content is sought after and can open doors to potential opportunities.

Attend Gaming Conferences and Events: Events like E3, PAX, and GDC are excellent for networking. Many companies and media outlets attend these events, making them a perfect opportunity to make connections that could lead to writing gigs.

Freelancing and Pitching

Pitch to Gaming Websites and Magazines: Many websites and magazines pay for well-written game reviews and articles. Research their submission guidelines and pitch your ideas. Ensure your pitches are tailored to their audience and content style.

Freelance Marketplaces: Websites like Upwork and Fiverr offer freelance opportunities for game writers and reviewers. While the competition can be stiff, these platforms can provide a good starting point for building your portfolio and gaining experience.

Look for Jobs in Game Development Companies

Narrative Designer Roles: If storytelling is your forte, consider pursuing a career as a narrative designer within a game development company. These roles involve crafting the story, characters, and dialogue that drive the game’s narrative.

Content Creation Positions: Many developers and publishers hire writers to create game-related content, such as blog posts, social media content, and promotional materials.

Consider Formal Education

While not a strict requirement, formal education in fields like creative writing, journalism, or game design can provide a competitive edge. Additionally, some colleges and universities offer specific courses in game writing and narrative design.

Stay Persistent and Keep Improving

The path to becoming a successful game writer or reviewer is often filled with rejection and learning experiences. Stay persistent, continue honing your skills, and always be on the lookout for feedback to improve your craft.


Gaming Write For Us Getting paid to write about or review video games is a dream job for many, but it requires dedication, skill, and a bit of networking savvy to turn it into a reality. By building a solid portfolio, engaging with the community, and continuously seeking out opportunities, you can make a name for yourself in the video game industry. Remember, every game you play, every review you write, and every connection you make brings you one step closer to achieving your goal.

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