5 Marla Small Residential Architect Ideas

Architecture firms in Lahore are always trying to develop better and more spacious design ideas for 5 Marla small houses. Often, in a country like Pakistan, where most middle-class households built 5 marla houses, these design ideas take care of many things. Usually, the residents and families of these houses demand ambience, optimal space utilisation, separate rooms and interior design that suit their daily needs.

In this regard, several residential architect ideas circulate on the internet but often need more depth and incorporation of modern ideas suitable for 2023 and beyond.

5 Marla Small Residential Architect Ideas

In this blog, we will explore the need for the proper space optimisation strategies, some exterior design ideas, some modern interior design ideas and the incorporation of eco-friendly features along with smart home setups.

Space Optimization Strategies

One limiting factor in a 5-marla house is the proper use of space. There is so much to fit and snuggle but a minimal space. This means developing better floor plans and choosing furniture that enhances your space’s look and feel. Although many architectural firms in Lahore offer creative solutions, there are a few things that you can demand while designing your house, such as:

  • Open floor plans to create a sense of spaciousness
  • Use of multi-purpose furniture
  • Use of intelligent storage solutions
  • Floor to Ceiling windows for natural light to enhance the perception of space

Exterior Design Ideas

If you have ever seen a 5-marla classic design, they don’t look very appealing from the outside, but that is only if an architect does not design them. When you construct your home without the help of an architect, the exterior looks plain old and unattractive. However, the newer generation is getting creative with the spread of online architectural websites. They get their inspiration from online platforms like Pinterest and architect websites. If you want to add a more modern look to your exterior design, use:

  • Vertical gardens for maximum outdoor space and look
  • Use of green roofs for an attractive outlook
  • Choosing bright colours for better shine
  • Use of Curbs and double-height entrances

The design, however, will always depend on the overall plot size and your design type.

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Interior Design Ideas

Interior design is one of the most critical parts of any house and of any dimension. A well-planned interior and use of colour can enhance light, space, orientation and utilisation of dead areas. At the same time, a dull and inexperienced interior designer can ruin a room and make it look smaller. That is why you need an experienced interior designer for better space enhancement.

You can hire an interior designer in Lahore and ask them to use:

  • Light colours that make your home and room spacious, such as ash white
  • You can also ask your interior designer to use mirrors and glass elements for an illusion of more space
  • Use proper lighting and its impact on the overall ambience
  • Use of green indoor plants for better space enhancement

Always choose your interior design according to your personality and the type of house design you have. Bold house designs such as Spanish and Italian always need equally bold interiors, which are sometimes overwhelming for many and challenging to maintain over a long period.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Features

Eco-friendly designs and interiors are buzzwords these days. It is one of the most underexplored and utilised design ideas but has the most potential. A sustainable and eco-friendly design and feature is part of the newer interior design ideas where the use of material is limited to environmentally friendly domains. Such as higher use of wood, more light, indoor plants, natural light and other things. Here are the 5 green and eco-friendly ideas for your 5 marla house design in Lahore:

  1. Install energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.
  2. Use of renewable materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood
  3. Implementation of water-saving systems like low-flow toilets and rainwater harvesting
  4. Installation of solar system for optimal use of energy
  5. Use of double-glazed windows for efficient heating and cooling of the house

Smart Home Technology

If you are a homeowner in Lahore and are not using smart home technology, you are missing a lot of fun. Recently, interior design services providers in Lahore have started implementing better and improved smart home technologies to make the experience of living in a small house even better. Although the idea is quite old now, it has reached the customers in Lahore a bit late. Here is what you can use as a smart home technology feature in your 5 Marla home:

  • integration of smart thermostats to optimise energy consumption
  • Install intelligent security systems for enhanced safety
  • Voice-activated assistants and home automation for increased comfort and efficiency.

Suppose you plan to build your home on a modern theme and want to explore the small Residential Architect Ideas and interior design services. In that case, you need to find experienced architecture firms in Lahore. An architect will always find the perfect balance of creativity and ease.

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