Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK Download (All Levels Unlocked) 2023

The popular game Angry Birds Star Wars mod apk combines the familiar Angry Birds gameplay with characters from the Star Wars universe. The game features a new and updated version of the classic Angry Birds game, which has been a favorite among gamers for many years. The game takes place in a galaxy far, far away and follows the journey of the Angry Birds as they attempt to conquer evil forces that have taken over some important parts of space. Players will use their wits and strategic thinking to take down the enemy and save the day.

Game Info

Angry Birds Star Wars mod apk
NameAngry Birds Star Wars
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Last UpdateFebruary 09, 2023

Angry Birds Star Wars is a perfect blend of action and puzzle gameplay. Players will use their skills to launch the birds at their targets, causing destruction and taking out the enemy. With updated features, the game offers even more challenges and excitement for players. If you’re a fan of the classic Angry Birds game or a Star Wars fan, this puzzle action game is a must-play.

The Gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars Mod Apk

The game Angry Birds Star Wars begins with a colorful and welcoming introduction screen that sets the tone for the exciting adventure ahead. Players will hear a unique and inspiring musical score that helps them feel like they are really in the game world. “Angry Birds Star Wars” is designed to be a lot of fun to play and to keep people interested for long periods of time. The game features a range of interesting challenges and obstacles, which players must overcome to win the war against the evil pigs in space.

angry birds star wars mod apk all levels unlocked

One of the best things about Angry Birds Star Wars mod apk is that you can change the way the birds look. This will help you beat the bad pigs more often. Players can personalize their birds with different powers and abilities that can be used to take down the pigs and conquer space. Another aspect of the game that makes it particularly enjoyable is the target-hitting techniques that players must master. With careful aim and strategic thinking, players can take down the pigs and progress through the levels.

For those who have played previous versions of Angry Birds, the gameplay of Angry Birds Star Wars will be familiar and easy to pick up. However, even for those who are new to the franchise, the game provides all the help you need to get started, including unlimited in-game credits and all levels unlocked in our mod version. The gameplay is both interesting and enjoyable, and whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, the game is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement.

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Dominating Features of Angry Birds Star Wars Mod Apk

Destroy the evil forces of space in Angry Birds 2 mod apk with the following amazing features:

  • Daily Challenges
  • Power Up characters
  • Join a clan
  • Collect silly hats
  • Impress huge eagle
  • All levels unlocked
  • Unlimited boosters
  • Bird Selection
Angry Birds Star Wars

Daily Challenges

Angry Birds Star Wars mod apk features daily challenges that offer new and exciting ways to play the game every day. The goal of these challenges is to keep players interested and motivated, and they also give them the chance to earn rewards and bonuses.

Power up Characters

In the game, players can power up their birds with unique abilities and skills, making them more powerful in battle. This feature lets players change their birds to fit the way they like to play, making the game more fun and personal.

angry birds star wars path of the jedi unlocked apk

Join a Clan

Players can also join a clan in the Angry Birds 2 mod apk, allowing them to collaborate and compete with other players from around the world. Clans offer the opportunity to work together and help each other progress through the levels.

Collect Silly Hats

Another fun feature of the game is the ability to collect silly hats for the birds. These hats change the way the birds look, giving players a chance to show off their creativity and individuality.

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Impress Huge Eagle

The game also has a big eagle that players can try to win over by doing certain tasks and challenges. When you impress the eagle, you get rewards and bonuses, which makes the game more fun and exciting.

angry birds star wars download

All Levels Unlocked

All levels are unlocked in the Angry Birds 2 mod apk, so players can start the game and face all of the challenges and obstacles right away. This feature is especially beneficial for those who enjoy progressing through the game quickly.

Unlimited Boosters

The game also includes unlimited boosters, allowing players to use them as often as they like. Boosters provide an added advantage in battle, helping players to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles.

angry birds star wars download android

Bird Selection

This updated version of the Angry Birds Star Wars Apk offers a wide selection of birds to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Players can choose the birds that best suit their playstyle, making the game more personalized and enjoyable.


Reviewed By Sami:
Angry Birds Star Wars is one of my favorite games. I enjoy battling other birds in the arena and routing for my favorite bird. Although they are the same birds as mine, their characters behave differently. My birds become more powerful as they get more feathers and evolve, which I also enjoy. It is a pleasure to play this game, and I am grateful to the developers. I still think it’s a great game.

How to Download and Install Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK

It is very easy to download and install the Angry Birds Star Wars All Levels Unlocked version APK. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to complete the download. The first step is to click on the “Download Now” button.

  • After downloading the APK File on your Android device, go to Phone’s Settings
  • Open the Security Option and enable Unknown Sources
  • Next, go to download folder, and locate the APK File
  • Click on it and Tap on install button
  • Finally, go to the game, launch it, and enjoy.
how to download and install apk file

Frequently Asked Questions


Angry Birds Star Wars mod apk is a classic game that has been enjoyed by millions of players for many decades. The game’s unique theme, where evil forces have taken over parts of space and the Angry Birds must conquer those territories, has captivated players and kept them coming back for more. The game is packed with exciting features such as daily challenges, power-up characters, a clan system, collectible hats, and an impressive eagle, making it a must-play for puzzle and action game fans.

The latest version of the game, Angry Birds SW mod apk, is a great way to enjoy the game even though it’s on hiatus while transitioning to new technology. With all levels unlocked and unlimited boosters, you can play the game to your heart’s content. You can also customize your birds and use different techniques to hit your targets, giving you full control over the outcome of each battle. The game is designed to be interesting and challenging, ensuring that you will have hours of fun as you play.

Download this new version of the game today and start your battle to free the occupied territories in space! Happy Hunting…..!

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