How To Fix DirecTV Error Code 775 Issue Quick and Easy Fix

“A great alternative to cable TV is DirecTV, a direct broadcast satellite service by AT&T, offering diverse channel packages for subscribers to enjoy their favorite TV shows. Despite its strength as a platform, there are occasional issues that can arise. In this troubleshooting series, we’ll focus on addressing the DirecTV error code 775.

DirecTV users find it frustrating when this error message unexpectedly disrupts their viewing experience. The image disappears, and the TV screen freezes. If you encounter this issue repeatedly while trying to watch your preferred movies and TV episodes on DIRECTV, this article provides the best solutions to resolve the DirecTV error.”

What Causes the DirecTV Error Code 775?

While you typically shouldn’t endure this extreme frustration for an extended period as the receiver usually reconnects with the satellite automatically, if it persists (which led you here to read this), consider following the basic steps provided below. Alternatively, your issue might stem from maintenance problems, for which there’s a singular solution mentioned below as well.

1. Harsh Weather and Storms
Unexpected weather conditions like rain can disrupt the signal between your receiver and satellite, leading to the “green light” issue. When this occurs, try turning off the primary receiver briefly to resolve the interference caused by the weather.

2. Web Connection Issues and Weak Signals Error Code 775 on your DirecTV screen often indicates a poor internet connection or a weak signal from the source, causing disruptions in the service.

3. Cable Box Overheating Repetitive powering on and off of the cable box can cause overheating and performance issues, potentially resulting in error codes. Consider this possibility if encountering such errors.

4. Faulty Satellite Dish or Receiver Promptly replace a defective receiver to avoid losing access to your shows. Ignoring this issue might lead to more significant problems beyond missing a single episode.

5. Damaged Receiver Port Issues with the receiver port, such as missing or damaged wire jackets, dust accumulation, or physical damage, can trigger error codes like Error Code 775.

6. Power Outlet Failure The power outlet is crucial for your entertainment system’s functionality. Electrical problems stemming from faulty power outlets can disrupt the setup. Ensure your initial power supply is stable and adequate for the system’s operation.

Fix DirecTV Error Code 775 Issue Quick and Easy Fix

This error message can stem from various issues, making it essential to identify its cause. Error 775 on DirecTV might indicate a poor connection between the satellite dish and the receiver, an unplugged power inserter, or even a damaged satellite dish. Communication breakdown between the satellite and dish could also trigger this error. Let’s explore some top solutions to address the DirecTV error code 775.

Multiple fixes are available to resolve this issue swiftly on your television. The techniques outlined below can help rectify the problem with your TV.

1. Examine the Connections The foremost solution involves checking your connections. Loose connections can trigger this error on your TV screen. Before anything else, ensure all connections are secure.

Follow these steps:

  • Verify the cords at the back of your Directv receiver.
  • Start with the SAT-in or satellite connection, ensuring cables are firmly attached.
  • Ensure all connectors at the back of your DIRECTV receiver are secure.
  • Once connected, power on your TV to check if the issue is resolved.

2. Check the Swim Power Inserter If the initial solution fails, consider inspecting the swim power inserter. This device, often used alongside the satellite dish and DirecTV receiver, can sometimes cause Error Code 775.

To reset the swim power inserter:

  • Wait approximately 30 seconds after removing it.
  • Re-plug and turn on the swim power inserter.
  • Double-check connections before turning on your TV to confirm resolution.

3. Unplug and Reconnect Cables Disconnect all DIRECTV cables and power sources, including the main power outlet. Ensure your power outlet functions properly, try another if needed. Reconnect all wires if the error persists.

4. Allow The Storm To Pass Sometimes, Error Code 775 occurs due to weather disturbances affecting the satellite connection. Waiting for normal weather conditions to resume typically restores the connection.

5. Call Technical Support If previous attempts fail, contact your DIRECTV service provider. Explain the Error Code 775 issue and request assistance in identifying and resolving the problem.


Despite DirecTV’s reliability, occasional Error Code 775 issues arise, indicating connection problems between the receiver and satellite. This guide offers potential causes and step-by-step fixes to alleviate this inconvenience. Utilize these instructions to resolve Error Code 775 and restore your viewing experience.

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