Samsung text message colors

What does Blue Text messaging indicate on Samsung? A message displayed with a blue bubble indicates it is an Advanced Messaging message, signifying it was sent via Advanced Messaging. A teal bubble indicates the use of regular text messaging or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

The messaging app scans your contacts and communicates with your carrier’s database to identify the number of contacts with RCS-capable devices and the RCS network infrastructure, determining what percentage are not RCS-enabled.

What is the chat feature of RCS?

RCS’s chat function is an instant messaging feature, similar to iMessage, that enables the transmission of emails, messages, images, and videos between Android phones.

The RCS chat feature closely resembles messaging features in apps like WhatsApp. Essentially, RCS chat utilizes an internet connection, rather than WiFi, to send files, notes, images, videos, messages, etc., from one Android phone to another.

One notable feature is the ability to see when someone is typing and when someone has opened your message.

A significant advantage of RCS chat is that it doesn’t compress images and videos as WhatsApp does. However, it maintains a similar limit, capping videos and pictures at 100MB.

How do I change the background color of bubbles for SMS in the Samsung Galaxy S22?

In the latest updates, modifying the color of text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S22 has become challenging. Altering this setting directly within the default Message app on Android is no longer feasible. Nevertheless, you can still customize the appearance of your messages by adjusting the theme of your Samsung Galaxy S22.

If you’re specifically interested in changing the color of SMS bubbles, we recommend referring to Chapter 2, which discusses SMS apps. These applications provide the flexibility to modify the color and theme of your SMS messages.

How do you customize the look of your text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S22?

To change the color of your messages on your Samsung Galaxy S22 through the device settings, follow these steps:

  • Access the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Select “Wallpapers and themes.”
  • Explore the available themes, whether you need to purchase a new one or check existing ones.
  • Enter the theme library, where you can customize the text and background color on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

What do other colored text bubbles mean on Android?

If you’re not using a Samsung or Pixel phone with Google Messages as the default app, I presume you’re utilizing Google’s Android “Messages” app.

Light blue signifies messages sent via SMS or MMS, while dark blue indicates transmission through Google’s new RCS technology (similar to Apple’s iMessage but incompatible with it). RCS offers a more modern format enabling animations, enhanced encryption, larger/high-quality video/photo files, and additional features.

What does the blue dot on the text message mean?

The blue dot next to a contact signifies that the messaging app is scanning the contact list to identify connections with phones compatible with RCS. If both your phones utilize the RCS infrastructure, a contact’s details will display an orange dot, indicating that you’re in touch with them. This means both of you meet the criteria for sending and receiving messages in Chat mode.

How do I change how I color my message?

Open the messaging application. Navigate to the main interface displaying the complete list of conversations and click the “Menu,” “More,” or equivalent button to explore the settings. If your phone supports customization, you’ll find various options for colors, bubble styles, and font within the Menu.

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