what has to be broken before you can use it

The conundrum of “what must be broken to use it” poses a true head-scratcher. However, finding the solution to this entangled teaser requires unraveling its complexity.

Amid the global lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic, we find ourselves spending more time within the confines of our homes. The initial confusion arises from the notion that damaging something before using it is inherently nonsensical.

To decode this riddle, it’s crucial to recognize that the term “crack” doesn’t necessarily refer to something broken in a malfunctioning sense but rather indicates the act of smashing an object.

This unprecedented period of extended home stay has prompted individuals to explore various avenues for entertainment. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have emerged as immensely popular sources of amusement. Yet, for those seeking a more engaging form of entertainment, gaming, brain teasers, and puzzles prove to be the perfect solution.

What are the advantages of resolving the Riddle??

Solving riddles can be advantageous for your mental well-being! Engaging in daily riddle-solving activities has been linked to an enhancement in intelligence. Numerous studies have explored the correlation between solving puzzles and its short and long-term effects on an individual’s cognitive performance. Puzzles not only stimulate deeper thinking but also play a pivotal role in yielding additional cognitive benefits. The most challenging puzzles and riddles provide a mental challenge, demanding significant focus, concentration, and perseverance.

Riddles stand out as a well-known method for alleviating stress from the daily grind. They contribute to enhancing cognitive abilities, fostering improved focus, and boosting memory capacity. In an era dominated by technology and social media, the younger generation often relies on Google for instant answers to their queries. However, this heavy reliance on search engines like Google can potentially hinder the development of critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts.

What is the first thing to break to utilize it? Answer to a Riddle

Take a moment before proceeding to scroll down the page and unveil the information you seek. What could this imply?

Give it another shot.

Thinking outside the box is crucial.

If you’re still uncertain, no need to fret. The answer is remarkable! Find the solution below!

The solution to the puzzle is an egg. An egg needs to be cracked open before it can be utilized. The true answer to this perplexing teaser is the humble egg. As a culinary ingredient or for hatching a bird, eggs are an apparent choice. They’re correct in asserting that saying “no” to breaking eggs isn’t feasible. Making an omelet requires breaking a few eggs, after all.


How can I solve this? The key to unlocking the usefulness of the riddle is akin to breaking an egg.

An egg must be broken before you can use it.

They’re not deceiving when they say that, and indeed, it’s nearly impossible to cook an omelet without breaking eggs.

The answer lies within the very question itself. It demands concentration and insight to distill the solution from the way it is phrased. Form a single word, and that’s your answer.

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