Stark Terror Meaning

A youthful aggressor tossed the narrator into the depths of the Y. M. C. A. pool. The water emitted a yellow glow. Upon reaching the bottom, the narrator felt a surge of agitation. A spectacular leap upward followed, but all that could be seen was water. Attempting to breathe, only water filled the lungs. A stark fear, beyond comprehension and control, gripped the individual. Even screams seemed frozen. The brain and heart declared their vitality amidst this terrifying experience.

Stark Terror Example Sentences

This shot had the potential to be lethal, but first, I wanted to play with you, subjecting you to the sheer terror.

A few minutes later, he sprinted back, terror echoing in his scream, as if a pack of hellish hounds pursued him. Preston, convinced they were indeed chasing, lagged a half-length behind as they raced back toward the street behind their two houses. They paused there to catch their breath before resuming.

The director proposed that the film commence with elements of the screwball comedy genre and gradually transition into “terrifying terror.”

After his demise, he fell victim to the atrocities of the Second World War. In Italy, the Italians exemplified some of the worst aspects of brutality, their actions marked by ruthless and despicable violence.

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And then sheer, stark terror seized me—terror that knows no bounds. – Meritnation

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And then sheer, stark terror seized me—terror that knows no understanding, terror that knows no control, terror that no one can fathom who has not experienced it. I was shrieking underwater; I was paralyzed. – EasyRyt

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What sort of terror seized Douglas as he went down the water …”

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