How to Unlock Keyboard that Won’t Type on Windows 11

Have you experienced your laptop keyboard not responding upon startup? This is a common occurrence among laptop users and often happens when the keyboard gets locked. If your keyboard is locked, you might not be able to operate your laptop until you unlock it. If you’re facing this issue on Windows 11 and aren’t sure how to manage a locked or unlocked keyboard, this article can guide you through the process.

How to Fix a Keyboard That’s Locked or Won’t Type

This article will be your guide to help you lock or unlock a keyboard in Windows 11. 

Lock Or Unlock A Keyboard On Windows 11

To lock or unlock a keyboard on Windows 11, you have two options: using the keyboard shortcut for locking or toggling the filter keys on or off.

Lock Or Unlock Through Keyboard Shortcut

On many laptops, the lock key is situated among the F-keys at the top of the keyboard. To unlock your keyboard, press Fn + Lock. If your keyboard is already locked, this combination will unlock it. Conversely, press Fn + Lock again to lock the keyboard.

Please note that this key might not exist on all laptop keyboards. If this method doesn’t apply to your Windows 11 laptop, there’s an alternative method to lock or unlock the keyboard.

Turn On Or Off Filter Keys On Windows 11

You can alternatively manage the keyboard lock by toggling the Filter Keys feature on or off in Windows 11. Here’s how:

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings app on your PC.
  • In the Settings app, navigate to the Accessibility section using the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Keyboard option located on the right side.
  • Within the Keyboard settings, you’ll find the Filter keys option.
  • If Filter keys are currently enabled, your keyboard might be locked. Switch the toggle off to unlock the keyboard. To lock the keyboard again, toggle it back on.

Check For Faulty Hardware

If your keyboard remains unresponsive, hardware issues could be at play, resulting in the keyboard seeming locked. For laptop users, debris accumulation within the keys might be the cause. Cleaning the keyboard to remove dust could potentially resolve this issue.

Testing an external keyboard can help diagnose the problem. If the external keyboard functions properly while the laptop’s keyboard does not, it suggests a fault with the laptop’s keyboard hardware. In this case, contacting a service center for repair or replacement might be necessary.


In this article, we’ve explored methods to lock and unlock your keyboard in Windows 11. Encountering a non-responsive keyboard upon booting up your PC is a common issue, often resulting from the keyboard being locked. Following the steps outlined in this article can help you unlock your keyboard. Additionally, we’ve covered steps to relock the keyboard after unlocking it.

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