Where Can You Find A Rent A Car In Dubai Cheap

With over 12,000 rental companies and more than 250,000 registered vehicles for rent in Dubai, it is no easy task to find the right company that rent a car in Dubai cheap. This is because it is nearly impossible to scan through all the rental companies to find the specific vehicle you desire at a price you can afford. 

To make your car rental Dubai search easier, it is better to go through a trusted marketplace. One such platform is -OneClickDrive, which is UAEs largest car rental marketplace. Their website or app allows you to conveniently browse through more than 1000 verified car rental deals from over 200 trusted suppliers, giving you the flexibility to pick the option that falls within your budget. The platform’s listing includes the most economical, fastest, and even nearest rental options, making it the ideal option for travelers, tourists or locals.

Effective Strategies to find the best deals to rent a car in dubai cheap

Before you rent a car in Dubai, here are a few tips to follow in order to get a seamless car rental experience.

  1. Rent a Car near You: If you are trying to save money while renting the car of your choice, it is advisable to rent a car near you as you can easily return the car without wasting fuel traveling long distances. Additionally, this will help you avoid extra fees from returning the rented vehicle to a different location
  1. Dubai Monthly Car Rental: The longer you rent a car, the more you save on additional cost. Instead of renting a car daily or weekly, it is better to go for a car rental Dubai monthly basis. It is also more convenient especially on longer trips, as you do not need to worry about returning the car every now and then or finding a new rental option.
  1. Rent a Car Online: Renting a car online is generally cheaper than in-person renting. It is also easier to compare rental prices online and change your preference if necessary, however, when it comes to in-person rental, it becomes difficult to change even though you are not convenient with the pricing.
  1. Inspect the Vehicle: Before accepting the rental car, check for any existing dent, scratch or unusual mark on the car. If you find any damage, take a picture or even record a video of it to avoid taking responsibility for an existing damage.
  1. Age Restriction: The minimum age for renting a car in the UAE is 21 years old. However, some companies won’t allow you to drive their cars if you are below 25 years of age.

Documents required For Dubai Monthly Car Rental

Most verified rental companies in Dubai require you to submit a copy of the following documents to be eligible to rent their cars:

For UAE residents;

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of Residential Visa
  3. Valid UAE driving license
  4. Copy of Emirates ID

For Foreigners;

  1. Passport
  2. Visit Visa
  3. Home country driving License
  4. International driving permit.

Note: You can use your foreign driver’s license to drive in the UAE if you hold a passport from any of the following countries – US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium and Netherland.


Finding a cheap rental service in Dubai is quite challenging due to the several companies charging exorbitant prices for the same service. But you can make this process easier by following the strategies offered in this article and rent a car in Dubai cheap. 

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