VIP Sawom Injector APK v1.94.9 (Free Fire) Download 2023

You will be able to get all premium items for free when you use the VIP Sawom Injector for Free Fire. It also comes with many amazing new features. This allows you to fly with cars, have unlimited gun ammo, no damage, ESP hack, Menu ESP, and achieve your goals efficiently. These features make injectors among the most advanced in the world. VIP Sawom Injector APK gives you access to more free features that improve the performance of your game. The purpose of this application is to enhance your gameplay experience. There are now many people playing Garena Free Fire with this injector.

Injector Info

vip sawom injector
NameVIP Sawom Injector
DeveloperVIP Sawom
Last UpdateJanuary 26, 2023

What is VIP Sawom Injector Apk

Free Fire is one of the most played Royale Battles games that allows 50 players to fight in the battleground in solo and squad modes, and the one team that survives till the end is considered the winner. The game has more than one billion downloads, and the competition has increased significantly in recent years. Now there are many pro players in the game who are skilled enough to defeat all other teams, but many players have started using hacks that make them immortal by giving them some extra abilities. Have you ever wondered how these players use such hacks? If so, this article will have a lot of information for you.

Today we are going to introduce you to an ultimate modified app that will give you extra abilities, and you will be able to enjoy the game in the God mode, VIP Sawom Injector APK. As the name indicates, this injector app will inject some epic boosters into your player, and it will start performing unbelievable stunts and will be hard to defeat. You can use this injector to play the game in a fun way and shock your friends with incredible hacks like flying cars, unlimited health, etc.

vip sawom injector download

Below we are going to discuss some hacks like Aimbot, Fly hack, ESP hack, and many others. You will get detail about all these hacks and the procedure to activate them through the VIP Sawom New Injector APK. So, it is recommended to read the article till the end for a better understanding of all the amazing features and their activation process.

Features of VIP Sawom New Injector Apk

I have been using this tool in my Free Fire main account and so far it is working perfectly. I have been using the ESP menu, car fly, No Recoil, and unlimited ammo features of the tool. These features are available in the new VIP Sawom Injector. Below are all the features described in detail.


If you are a beginner or have difficulty winning battles among professional gamers who are pros in gaming, then there’s no need to worry now. You can use the Aimbot hack of VIP Sawom Injector for free, allowing you to aim automatically on the enemies to kill them like a pro player.

No Recoil

The most common problem that not only beginners but also many professional players face is the recoiling of heavy guns like AK47. This recoil is sometimes tricky to handle, and, in many cases, players lose their aims that give an escape time to the enemies. But using VIP Sawom Injector can solve the recoil problems and help you finish the enemies within seconds.

ESP Hack

This is the most favorite and the deadliest hack used by many players to get an extra advantage on other fighters. This hack allows the player to spot enemies anywhere, even hiding behind the walls or in the house. This hack will make it easy for you to spot your enemies and finish them before they finish you. Like many other premium hacks, VIP Sawom Injector mod APK also offers ESP hack for free to its users.

Ghost Hack

This one is the most exciting feature of the VIP Sawom Injector that will allow you to disappear like a ghost. Enabling this ff hack will make you invisible, allowing you to tease your friends and other players by giving them body shots and then watching them looking for enemies.

free fire injector

Fly Hack

You might have seen many players flying their vehicles above their heads, having an ariel view of the whole arena. Have you ever wondered how they do it or wished to fly like them? If yes, download the VIP Sawom Injector and use its fly hack for free.

Headshot locked

A headshot is considered an epic move that only pro players can give from a certain distance and kill enemies with a single shot. But it’s not easy and requires a lot of practice and consistent playing. Many people practice a lot and complain that giving a perfect headshot is still a dream for them. But don’t worry, VIP Sawom Injector has a headshot hack that will allow the players to automatically aim their enemies’ heads, and you have to press the fire to kill them in a single shot with a perfect headshot.

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Unlimited Health

Are you a beginner in Free Fire and tired of being killed again and again? Are you wishing for a fantasy that can give you unlimited health so no one can kill you so easily? If yes, then this is the time to turn your fantasy into reality. Download VIP Sawom Injector and turn on the unlimited hack to get immortal.

Everything Unlocked

Free fire is a premium battle royale game. Like many other premium games, Free Fire also has a lot of premium skins and other locked precious items that can be unlocked only by spending items. Unlocking the premium skins with extraordinary abilities is a dream of every player that he can fulfill by VIP Sawom Injector APK. The injector will unlock all the skins for free so players can enjoy the game thoroughly.

Unlimited Gun Skins

The craziest part of the game that makes the players excited is the variety of gun skins. Unlike other games where skins only add cosmetic value, Free Fire gun skins also increase the power and range of guns. People always urge to buy new skins but don’t have enough diamonds. Don’t worry because VIP Sawom Injector APK will give you unlimited premium gun skins for free.

vip injector ff apk

Additional features of Vip Sawom Injector

  • There are certain features in the menu that will help you out while firing. 
  • Players can lock their aim with 99% accuracy using this FF injector app.
  • Vip Sawom’s headshot targets will help players to take headshots without any obstacles in their way.
  • A player can now automatically take headshots with this app without restriction.
  • This Esp Mod Menu will also allow its users to kill their enemies with full grace. Players will see through the walls and the terrain.
  • A new flying system has been implemented. Players will fly in cars and without cars to reach their goals easily.
  • The player can run on water easily and shoot his enemies while running without any problems.
  • There is no lag in the new version of Vip Sawom, and it runs smoothly on all kinds of devices.
  • Using the Gloowall, players can defend themselves from enemy attacks. Enemies cannot see the Gloowall feature.
  • Activate premium terms
  • Fire skins are free to download
  • The following items are legendarily rare
  • There is no need to register
  • An amazing qualities chart
  • All Android versions are supported
  • Free To use
  • No extra Patch needed
  • Malware Free
  • No harmful Files
  • One-click installation
  • Easy to use
  • Auto updated with the latest hacks
  • Anti-ban hacks
  • Unlimited Premium Items

How to use VIP Sawom Injector?

Many people download different kinds of apps, files, and patches and then merge them to use any specific hack, which is very hectic and also not understandable for beginners. However, VIP Sawom Injector enables users to apply any hack with a single click, without the need to download any additional files or patches. You must download the VIP Sawom APK from our website and install it. It will take a few seconds and be shown in your app gallery. 

After installing the VIP SAWOM Injector, click on it and accept the privacy policies. It will then show you a simple interface with three main options on top, including Aimbot, ESP Loot, and others. Each parent category will have many further options like Aimbot, including drag headshot, MEGIC + antenna, zombie + antenna, long head + antenna, and many more. You can select your desired options with a single click in each category and close the app. Now open the game, and the hacks will be enabled automatically. This injector works both for Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max.


Reviewed By Laiba:
If we talk about the feasibility of the VIP Sawom Injector APK, then it’s simply awesome. We have already tried many other hacks, but all of them are so complex and come with numerous files that are difficult for a non-technical person to handle, and a minor mistake results in the game being banned eventually. The VIP Sawom Injector is my favourite because of its one-click ready-to-use interface. Moreover, the app doesn’t demand any extra permissions to ensure the data safety of users. To sum up, the injector is tested by our team and is fully recommended by us.

How to Download and install VIP Sawom Injector

You can download VIP Sawom Injector easily and quickly by clicking the Download button below. You will be directed to the download page for it after clicking the “download now” button. After 10 seconds, it will automatically begin downloading.

  • Open the Android Mobile setting and enable all unknown resources to the device.
  • Go to file manager and find VIP Sawom Apk file and click on it.
  • If you tap the button, wait one minute for installation to complete.
  • Finally, you can use the Injector and enjoy the Free Fire game on the next level.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: Is the Sawom injector app available for free?

Answer: Yes, the app is free, and users won’t have to pay to download it to their phones or other devices.

Question 2: Do I need a license to install Sawom Injector APK?

Answer: No, the injector doesn’t require any license and will be ready to use after installation.

Question 3: Are these injector apps legal to use?

Answer: It is so obvious that the hacks provide extra abilities to the player, which is unfair anyhow. However, you can use these hacks to tease your friends and family in friendly matches.


If you are a Free Fire lover and want to play this game differently, then VIP Sawom Injector is the best choice for you. This injector will give you many special abilities just with a single click. Moreover, the app is tested by our team and doesn’t contain any harmful bugs that can damage your device by any means. So, if you are looking for the Best Free Fire injectors or FF tools and are tired of installing many useless patches and files, give this app a try. We assure you that you will fall in love with this injector.

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